Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Affordable & Free Toddler Adventures: Eastern Point Beach

Autumn was a November baby so of course the first 3-4 months I felt that cabin fever being cooped up inside our home every day. Looking back, I wish I had ventured out more from the start. Not that she would remember, but more for myself to get some air. Charlie and I were always out and about doing things before Autumn was born.

Once that 4 months mark hit it, Spring fever hit me too! I felt more alive, motivated and it was constant... "What should we do this weekend?". We have tried to do something just about every weekend that gets us out of the house. It's been fulfilling.. I think that's the word I'm looking for. Memorable.. it makes us happy as a family. Most of all, we can see Autumn in these moments is so genuinely happy. She'll have photos and videos to look back on to see just how happy she was, but we have these moments forever printed in our memory of her giggles and smiles... and just pure awe

I wanted to share some of outings as we also try to do things that don't cost money to give ideas for others. Happiness and Fun shouldn't have to be expensive. Of course having a new baby brings on changes and financial is one of them. We want to still have fun adventures together as a family where we spend the least amount of money and can enjoy the time with one another. 

This particular day we had ventured to two places. This was the second place we stumbled upon . I'll write about the 1st place in another Post. City of Groton, Eastern Point Beach Park. Since it's Winter (off season) there were no fees to enter. Having a tiny human that walks around is incredible. There were small raised rocks where she could climb with our anxious arms inches away.

A beautiful old house that is now used for the Beach with a wrap around porch that she walked and ran around. The patter of her little feet echoing was the sweetest thing along with her laughter as she pretended we were chasing her.

There were tiny moments in time I snuck in for quick smooshie kisses before she ran away, Little Miss Independent.. sigh...  There is also a playground at this park that we didn't even make it too. Autumn tired herself out running around, sitting in the grass, running away from imaginary friends or animals that we never made it to check out the playground. But there is one and it's fenced in. You get to sit there overlooking the ocean. It's a beautiful place to venture to!

As ever adventure begins it must end.. She makes it very clear when her day is over. Those heavy eyes and cute itch of the nose. She's the best.