Saturday, August 31, 2013

No Labor Here Please. Just Play, Laugh and Snuggle!

A beautiful weekend so far.
We saw friends, cooked out under the moon.
Listened to music surrounded by twinkling white lights.
We and spent time with family.
Tomorrow we will see even more of our family.
I was still able to sneak in some cuddling time with our two kitties.
As busy as life gets don't forget to breathe, relax and embrace the love around you.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Has It Really Been 4 Months?

This is the part where I would place a really cute sad face. When I think of what makes me happy my blog was always my first thought; however, so much time went by, and with so much time that went by I felt so guilty. I can't believe how much I have neglected "Love is Everywhere". Life has been extremely crazy this past year and I have to put my excuse in that the last 4 months were extraordinarily crazy as those months lead up to our Wedding. 

Charlie & I got married on August 17th and it was the most beautiful, memorable, so filled with love day. A day we could never make again because it's a once in a lifetime experience for us and those we love and care for were there to celebrate. It was so amazing. So let me start off what I hope is a new beginning for "Love is Everywhere". There sure was Love Everywhere on August 17th!