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Sharing an Inspiring Love Story ♥

Today I would like to share an extremely special Love Story that I received from Beth who is a proud mother of the most beautiful little boy, Keegan. Words can't even begin to describe the strength that Beth and her husband possess as well, baby Keegan. For those who have not had a chance to visit Karing for Keegan I recommend from the bottom of my heart to take some time to visit as well read this amazing story. 

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Love....what is "love"? Is it a feeling, is it an act? Is it a being? Websters online dictionary has 16 definitions under the noun category for love. I personally like #10-Affection; kind feeling; friendship; strong liking or desire; fondness; good will; -- opposed to hate; often with of and an object. We LOVE all sorts of things in life; our spouses, our children, our pets, different places, food, rainy days where we curl up in bed and watch movies, etc. My love story involves my son, Keegan Thomas. Our story didn't begin like most "love stories" and really isn't like most other love stories, you see Keegan is very special.

March 2009 I found out I was pregnant with our first child. Oddly enough we conceived on or around February 14th (you know the Hallmark holiday of love). My pregnancy was not what I considered normal but then again it was my first and really didn't know what to expect. I had read all these books and heard people talking on one of my favorite message boards about how they were so attached to their unborn child and already loved them without knowing them. I can't tell you that I felt that exact way, you see, I don't think I was really attached until the last trimester. Weird? Maybe, but I am a worry wart by nature and constantly worried something would happen to him.

As luck would have it, I started to get severe signs of pre-eclampsia at 32 weeks. I went on bed rest, spent a couple of nights in the triage of our local women's hospital but was put on blood pressure meds and told to take it easy. Around 34 weeks 2 days my liver enzymes had gotten too high and my doctor decided to induce, this is where the real love story starts.

On September 23, 2009 after 10 hours of labor my "team" of physicians decided my son was NOT coming out vaginally and they were going to have to do a c-section, in their words "his head was too big and stuck on my pelvic bone". (Back note: my son's head had measure anywhere between 2-4 weeks ahead at every ultrasound, and a I had them very frequently.) Keeg's was born at 5:43 pm and rushed to the NICU.

I wasn't permitted to see him until a little later that evening when they wheeled me in my hospital bed into the NICU to see my son for the first time. This may sound horrible to some, but the first time I saw him I can't tell you that I felt a strong connection. I was still semi drugged and we had been given some odd news before we were escorted to the NICU, our son had an extra digit on each hand and an extra toe on one foot. When I was wheeled into the NICU and at his bedside all I remember doing is staring at his extra digits wondering why he looked that way-I was in shock!

I was in the hospital for 4 days all of which were spent going back and forth to the NICU. My love began to grow and I began to know this little human being that I was now 100% responsible for. It was while he was in the NICU for his 2 week stay that our doctors began to notice other "odd" things about Keegan. First and foremost, he was 7 lbs 10.8 oz 6 weeks early and 18 inches long, not your normal preemie. His head was abnormally large and he did indeed have extra digits. They began running tests. Oh did they run tests, first it was simple blood draws and questions for me as to exposures of different chemicals in pregnancy. Then they got a little more serious, CT's, MRI's, EEG's. I was clueless at the time and had NO idea what they were looking for. While he was in the hospital they found he had a stroke in utero and suspected an overgrowth syndrome was responsible for his height, weight, and head size.

Upon discharge on October 6, 2009, an appointment with a geneticist was made at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis Indiana. On that blessed day on October 9th, we met with our geneticist whom promptly informed us he had Simpson-Golabi-Behmel (SGBS) an overgrowth syndrome so rare there are believed to be only 130 WORLDWIDE affected by this. SGBS effects primarily males and can cause cancerous tumors in the abdomen.  We went home feeling very defeated; yeah we had had a hard pregnancy, delivery, and we knew that there was something "off" other than just his prematurity, but we never dreamed of a genetic syndrome.

I loved my baby for who he was, at this point we knew he was special. My husband and our families helped support us to while we learned what was next. We started Physical therapy because of his prematurity and low tone. Never did we imagine just what was about to be thrown our way.

To make what could be a LONG story LONGER I will cut to the chase; Keegan has brain cancer, or Medulloblastoma if you want to be specific. There I said it.  Although the terms and percentages associated with this type of cancer still scare the heck out of me, we have come a long way. It all started back in April '10, although this can possibly be traced back to utero, but that is another story for another day.

We were sent to Riley for an evaluation because a CT we had done at home showed that there was fluid collecting on Keegan's brain otherwise known as Hydrocephalus. On April 15th we had our first brain surgery to install a shunt to drain the excess fluid. We went back to see our Neurosurgeon for a 2 week follow up after surgery and got the all  clear "see you in 6 months".  This is where our lives started to spiral out of control and far beyond anything we could EVER fathom.

Shortly after this appointment, he started to act kind of funny. He all of a sudden had "asthma" type symptoms and then the projectile vomiting began and multiple trips to the Emergency Room. The first trip he was diagnosed with the flu and I quote from the nurse: "because we couldn't find anything else wrong, we just tell people that." Take him home, try Pedialyte for the rest of the night and start the B.R.A.T method tomorrow. Did that. Vomiting continued incessantly. He eventually stopped eating so I took him BACK to the same ER and demanded something else be done.

On May 8th in the late hours, he was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction. They got a hold of our neurosurgeon in Indy and we were whisked away via Life Flight to Indy on my very first Mother's Day. Once in Indy it took a couple of days for the doctors to finally get the brilliant idea to do an MRI. On Tuesday May 11th around 7pm I got handed THE. WORST. NEWS a parent could ever receive. My son, 7 1/2 months old at the time, had a large mass that had grown SO BIG that it was putting pressure on his brain stem and pushing his cerebellum up into the rest of his brain. His body, in essence, was shutting down, there was just no more room and the shunt was doing all it could to just alleviate the pressure.

Since then we have tried to make the absolute best out of the horrible situation we have been dealt. I think we value each day, love him that much more, and each milestone is a little more special knowing that even though our son's primary tumor was removed back in May, Keegan is still fighting the fight of his life and doing it like a champ. 

At the End of July we did an MRI to see how his brain and spine were reacting to the most intense chemo possible. I remember thinking it's no big deal, just another scan, it will be fine. To my dismay, shortly after Keegan was brought back to his hospital room a social worker came and got me and asked me to join her, our oncologist and a nurse in the conference room. Our oncologist proceeded to tell me (my husband was on his way to Indy from Evansville) that the tumor had grown back and it was now about half the size of what it was when it was resected in May. We ALL sat there dumbfounded-how in the world could this tumor grow back through the worst, the most intense, the most damaging chemo a child can get? All I remember thinking and saying was "omigod, okay, omigod okay."

During this meeting options were discussed.  "What was next?" was my biggest question.  Our oncologist said there were a few routes we could go-
::: Go Home-either with "help" or on Hospice (just for the record I HATE the word HOSPICE!!!)
::: Surgery-We could go in and try to remove this "tumor" but as shown it will just grow back again and why put Keegan through another crainotomy and the recovery with much higher risk of infection?
::: Radiation:
Full Brain-NOT AN OPTION-this would drop Keegan's IQ immediately down 15-20 points- giving him severe and profound metal retardation
Focal radiation- This radiation would be a beam directed to the specific tumor and try to kill off a lot of those tumorous cells.
::: Oral Chemotherapy-(Maintenance) is what they call it. It would be the oral form of Etoposide (this drug is known to cut blood supply off to tumors.)
::: Clinical Trials-We could look into clinical trials at any of the larger children's hospitals throughout the country that participate in them. I asked him to look into trials and second opinions at CHOP-Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, St. Jude, and Boston's Children Hospital.
The only option that even seemed viable for us was focal radiation done out of Bloomington Indiana (2 hours from  home). This would help shrink the tumor and give us more time while we planned beach vacations, family pictures and just took to the time to love on our precious baby.

My only problem with this option was that my husband and I found ourselves wondering well "what if its not tumor and we radiate regular brain?"  We posed this to the oncologist and our neurosurgeon. They had been trying to think of ways to test what was there without going into surgery as well. In fact they both admitted to us that they were kept awake many a night thinking about our situation and what to do.
On Tuesday August 17th we drove up to Riley for the best solution possible to "double check" that it was for sure tumor and not regular brain. He was sedated and taken for a 3 hour long MRI that was comprised of many different types of scans. We drove home knowing we wouldn't hear anything right away.
On Wednesday the 18th at around 8 I received a phone call. It was our neurosurgeon, what they thought was tumor in fact WAS NOT tumor and was either contused brain or old dead tumor. These were the words I was longing to hear, these were the words I had been praying for for weeks, these were the words we deserved to hear! The doctors were wrong the tumor had not grown back and he was not on his death bed! Shortly after she called our oncologist called to tell me more of the specifics. He said he was getting ahold of the radiation facility and canceling our future radiation scheduled to start 2 weeks later and we were to come back up to Riley the next day to get Round 4 of his chemo started back up! I couldn't have been more happy!

October 18, 2010 Keegan was admited to the Stem Cell unit at Riley. He got 6 days of very intense chemo, so intense that he then had to have a stem cell transplant (seen here ). We are now on isolation for 6 months to a year while his immune system recooperates. We have our 8 week follow up MRI on February 8th. We are asking people who follow our story or want to support us to wear green. You can take a picture of yourself with your green on and post it to Karing for Keegan on Facebook. MRI's make me nervous, very nervous to be honest with you. I have already started taking my anti-anxiety pills in anticipation of the day and all it holds.  

He is our little fighter, our oncologist told me that he is pretty sure he should not have made it out of the first trimester because of all his genetic abnormalities. We are still pretty far behind developmentally. We are working hard every day though, hopefully soon he will be able to crawl and eventually stand and progress to walking. I am not pushing anything, we don't take any time for granted but know that Keegan will develop and flourish in his own time. He is the love of our lives and even though he is not like other babies, he is our baby and we love him more than life itself.


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A Cup of Love for You & Me!

As I'm starting the 29 Gifts this week I got myself something which will be the last thing I buy for moi until my new journey is over. Have you ever gotten something that makes you so happy? Aside from our loving pets of course is there any item that you've gotten or even received that you just cannot take your eyes off of?

Well, yesterday I was with one of my besties and we had taken a ride to Kohls (always a great find there). I purchased a new watch which was needed since my old watch RIP had sadly left us. As we're walking by the registers my eyes were drawn to a display of Valentine's items. Valentines, sigh.. such a fabulous Holiday. Of course I could not resist the temptation and so I paid for the $5.99 item + tax ;) I simply adore it, it's beautiful, bright, red and is the perfect home for my Dark Hot Chocolate.

Today I'm thankful for Love which is truly Everywhere!

With all my love,

Sharing a Love Story ♥

I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend. Today I look forward to relaxing and to start it off is a beautiful story from Mrs. Bee. I love reading stories that prove my views on how if things are meant to be then they'll be. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Spread the love!

Mrs. Bee: Buzzin' Around with the Bees

When John and I met we had both just gotten out of very toxic relationships. He signed up for at the urging of a family friend and I signed up as a last resort after having no success finding a "good man" any other way. I actually didn't sign up as a full member in the very beginning. I wasn't sure that I wanted to jump right in and go searching, I just wanted to get my feet wet and see if there were any guys that piqued my interest.

On the second day of my membership I received an email from John. John and I both laugh about it now because I have no idea why I wanted to know more about him. His profile picture was this scary picture of him that he took his first day in Pharmacy school- no smile with his head tilted back.  His best friend likes to joke that you see "nothing but neck." I opened up his profile and the first line in the "tell us about yourself" section read: "I am looking for a woman to be a good wife and mother to my children. I like to work on tractors." Like I said, we laugh about it now but at the time I didn't know what to think! I checked out the rest of his profile and saw that we had the same religious beliefs. He also happened to have a few other photos posted and I saw he was actually very attractive when he smiled!

So I gave in. I wanted to know what his e-mail said! I decided to sign up for a one month subscription. I figured that if I didn't like what he had to say, it was the next step in potentially finding "Mr. Right." I don't even remember what he wrote to me but I wrote back and we finally exchanged phone numbers. The very first time he called me I didn't answer the phone! I was too nervous to answer but after a few hours I finally called him back. We talked non-stop for over and hour! It was a great conversation and I felt like we were on the same page in so many different aspects of life! It was so refreshing! I called my mom right after getting off the phone and said, "Mom I don't want to jinx this but this guy, he's different! I think he's the one!"

We decided to meet up the next week. With John still in Pharmacy school his schedule was pretty full but we found some time to get together on November 4, 2008. Election day. We met in Royal Oak, MI and walked around the city just talking and getting to know each other. We grabbed a bite to eat and then decided to go meet up with some of his family at a restaurant where there was an election party going on. Unfortunately this was no victory party as we are both conservatives, but that night I met three of his sisters, his brother-in-law, and his best friend! They were very nice to me that evening and John got along with them so well it was hard for me not to fall in love with all of them immediately. It's funny because when John and I talk now he tells me that he thought I had no interest in him whatsoever! I remember before I met up with him I promised myself I was going to "play hard to get" and not get attached too quickly! I guess it almost backfired! After a couple hours we decided to part ways. He walked me to my car and gave me a hug. He tells me he figured that he would never see me again! Little did he know how happy I was and excited to see him again.

In his own words, "as a last-ditch effort" John texted me a little while later to make sure I got home okay and I surprised him by texting back "so when are we going to hang out again?" We saw each other exclusively from that point on.

Just shy of a year later on October 21, 2009, John stopped by my apartment after work with an engagement ring. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. He had set up a surprise celebration at his sister's house for later that night and we went over there for Chinese food, champagne, and a "show off the ring" party. We got married on October 22, 2010.

I feel like I waited an eternity meet this man. He is everything I prayed for and more! We always joke with our friends that when God wants something He will make it happen no matter what. Despite the crazy scary profile or the playing too hard to get.. we ended up together. We are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together and love living happily ever after!

You can visit Mrs. Bee at:

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Sending Air High Fives on this lovely Saturday!

I wanted to give some Air High Fives to a few beautiful people that I adore here with my reasons as to why♥

 I will be starting something life changing in just a few days. I was inspired by the ever so beautiful, Angie at Living Aloha. It is called 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. I told myself that I would begin fresh at the beginning of February and so I will. I've been really excited as I have been following Angie with each gift that she gives and they are all so beautiful. Each day I have been putting little notes in my sweet tiny pad I put together out of scrap paper as to some ideas. It's going to be wonderful! Thank you Angie for sharing your gifts with all of us and being such a genuine soul! ♥

Some more good news. In a few weeks my blog will look quite beautiful and madeover as Lindsay at Scenic Glory is going to be taking on the challenge of a new Blog Design for me. She's truly remarkable to work with, open to ideas and since she's extremely creative I'm pretty pumped. We all need change and I'm leaving it all in her hands. She has already done so many people designs to other fellow bloggers and I fell in love with each one! Thanks Lindsay for helping make Love is Everywhere even more beautiful for all to see! ♥


I have to give 2 Air High Fives to For the Love of Blogs. They have created this unique community where all of us can inspire each other. Each day I visit there I find new friends, fall in love and learn something new. They have so many new up and coming features and are expanding in the most positive way. If you are not already a member be sure to visit them because your life will change ♥  Until this past week I did not know I was nominated on their Blog of the Month feature and it has made me so happy. To know people enjoy visiting Love is Everywhere. So I thank you FTLOB from the bottom of my heart for giving everyone this opportunity. You made my week ♥

With all my love,

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Fabulous Random Thoughts...Friday!

I just made up this blog title but I think its the perfect summary for this post! When I have a busy mind it's easier just to throw the random thoughts out there in no particular order. Plus it's fun ;)

Fabulous Random Thought #1: Writing on my blog and visiting everyone while, leaving comments, learning for everyone and being inspired has become my number one favorite thing to do! I make new friends everyday who are truly remarkable. One being, Michelle at Michabella Living a Life of Love. She is so sweet and I've already found myself lost in her blog in just a few days! Also I love her little clock on her page so I added one on mine! She started a 'Feature Friday' today and has graciously featured my blog. I would like to spread the love and send everyone over to visit her. Be sure to say hi, you will just fall in love! ♥

Fabulous Random Thought #2: Mother Nature sent more snow here in New England yesterday and the sun is out today increasing the icicles hanging on the edges of our house. They're beautiful so of course I took a few little snappy shots!

Fabulous Random Thought #3:I heart Circle Scarves. I must have mentioned that at least 3 other times in other posts. Today was definitely a KT Scarf sort of day. A beautiful thick, grey soft & warm scarf from Forever 21 (mi favorite store)!

Fabulous Random Thought #4: I shared this on my FB yesterday and had to show it here. Many months back a fella came a knockin' at our door. Okay, so I wasn't home but Charlie and he answered it. This fella was selling some sort of Internet/Cable/Phone package, a provider we don't currently have. Of course Charlie humored him and the guy left information asking us to review and call him if we're interested. The kicker of the story is he left.. what I call his 'Cheat Sheet' with the pamphlets. I had to take a picture because it cracked me up. That's like someone running for office listing 'facts' NOT to say so people don't know whats behind it all. Here's his list. I appreciate him for accidentally leaving it so we can share in a chuckle together!
If you click on the image it's bigger in another window ♥

Fabulous Random Thought #5: The Blog of the Month is coming closer to and end, only 3 days to vote. Continuing to send love and thanks to those who have voted for me!

Love you all. Have a fabulous Friday!!!

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Sharing a Love Story ♥

Thank you so much Joelle for sharing this sweet story with us. You both are an extremely beautiful couple! I have grown so fond of her blog as she is just so lovable and full of life. I promise once you visit her, it will be hard to step away. Spread the love!

My husband and I met almost seven years ago, while we were still in high school {he was fifteen, I was seventeen}. We held hands the first night we met, but we had no idea that we would end up where we are today! Since then, we've gone through so much together...losing family members and choosing schools...We finally got married in July, after almost six and a half years of dating! So far, married life is absolutely amazing; better than I ever imagined it would be. 

You can visit Joelle at:

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What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Aloha to all my lovely friends! This week my emotions have been a bit scattered and today work just felt like one of 'those days.' I came home and was greeted by all the little babies.. the whole gang (Nevan, Minnie & Peanut). I sat down and then big chunks of snow began falling outside, it's beautiful. Moment to moment I started to feel back to myself again.. so here I am. Surprised that I forgot today was Wednesday and that one of my favorite hops was going on! I look forward to 'What I'm Loving Wednesday' every week. I simple adore Jamie at This Kind of Love for having this feature and dedicating herself to keeping it alive!

I'm loving that Charlie was offered the position this past week that he was interviewed for. He won't start for another month but we're extremely happy. For over a year now he's had such an awful schedule (but thankful he has a job). We are so limited with the time we have together and he's worked so hard. I love him so much and couldn't be more proud. He's the most intelligent man I know and he'll only keep moving up ♥

I'm loving that I received an email today from a fellow blogger Karen who will be hosting a fabulous Beat the Winter Blues party asking me to do a Guest Post which I'm very excited about. I was also asked to two other Guest Posts which I'm currently working on and will keep you all updated as to where and when. I feel very loved today and honored to be apart of this project! ♥


I'm loving that my love bug (not a common nickname for Charlie) left me a yummilicious Reese's Peanut Butter Cup on the counter. How did he know I had a long day and wanted to stuff my face with chocolate? He didn't, but boy do I love him!! ... and already one is missing from this packge! ♥

I'm loving footprints in the snow, especially those belonging to a furry little cutie-ba-tutie Yorkie! You hear in stories.. 'the little pitter patter of footsteps'.. well here are mine but they're outside, in the snow ♥

I'm loving that I was nominated for Blog of The Month and I can't believe I have votes. I expressed this in my post yesterday but there a list of other bloggers that have also been nominated and let me say how extraordinary all these women are. They are my favorite blogs to visit and have become such wonderful friends. I'm honored to be up there with them and I'm loving that! ♥

I'm loving the decor in our living room.. most specifically today the 3 cute signs above one of the couches. Whenever I look up I feel comforted by the messages..

With all my love,

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Vote for Blog of the Month.. love.. love.. love! ♥

A quick little Love Note and Thank You!

I am in complete awe right now. I can't even begin to say how much this has made my day! I've been nominated for Blog of the Month over at For the Love of Blogs! It's a beautiful place to meet friends and the girls who run this blog are quite extraordinary let me just say!

All of the other nominees for the Blog of the Month are just fabulous. So please stop bye if you have some time and view their blogs and vote for who you adore. You can click on the totally cute icon below! ♥ Thank you for those who have nominated and voted for me. I would be so happy to win as well psyched for any of the other lovely ladies ♥

♥ I love you all! ♥

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Thank you Hannah for sharing this story! I can't even count how many times I've read it over. It's beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I know you will all enjoy it and be sure to visit her. Spread the love!

Hannah: Survivin' on Coffee & Dreams

Summer camp counselors are pretty good about making weekend plans.  When you only have 36 hours a week to yourself, you do everything in your power to maximize your use of that time.  The campers had departed, the cabins were cleaned, and the staff members were all getting ready for the time off.  We had plans.  We had places to be and people to see, and we were all looking forward to the time off.  I, Hannah, had received flowers from my boyfriend... he, Ben, had dinner plans with his girlfriend, but that all changed when the glass vase from my floral arrangement slid between my fingers and shattered... on my foot.  Love had other plans in mind...

Ben doubled as a firefighter and EMT--the perfect knight in shining armor in a crisis.  He picked me up, swung me easily over his shoulder and whisked me away in his chariot, a Volkswagon Cabriolet, to the nearest emergency department.  In fairytales, the princess is never bleeding and the castle is never full of doctors and x-rays; regardless, if I could go back and change it all... I wouldn't. For us, it was the perfect excuse to talk.  Even though we had been coworkers for about a month and a half, our first real conversation didn't occur until that fateful day in room 4.  He missed dinner with his girlfriend that night... like I said, love had other plans.

Four weeks later he surprised me with a Claddagh ring.  A few weeks after that he started wearing one too.  Who could have guessed that in a few years those two bands would be melted together to become one--his wedding band.

In the quiet moments of my life, the phrase that echos most clearly in my mind are the soft words whispered to me that summer from my now husband.  I loved you from the moment I picked you up, and I will love you even after they lay me down.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Tears for a beautiful soul.

“Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever..."
I recently did a post on our Last Words to those we love. Since I wrote that I have kept my word, carefully thinking before I leave the presence of a loved one. I was happy after the inspiration came about because I knew it's something that would leave me feeling better. Knowing that I now have a chance to leave on good terms with whoever and whenever and not have any regrets.
What I didn't think about though when I wrote that is those that I haven't seen in so long and that I will never have a chance to see again.. A friend of mine that I worked with years ago passed away on Saturday. I was unaware that she was battling cancer, since I sadly have not kept in touch over the years. I remember our talks everyday and the times I would say 'Do you need a hug?'.. and so we would. I remember her love for sparkly/glittered nail polish and I would help her pick out a new colour. I remember her telling me stories about her father, husband and her two boys. She always made me laugh and smile, she had that effect on anyone.
When you build good friendships with those you work with it feels like family since we spend so much time together. She was one of those friends to me. I can't even count how many times I would pass bye my old job and think to stop in just to give her a hug.. but I didn't. 
I did feel an abundance of regrets last night as I heard the news and the tears just wouldn't stop. Today I still feel numb but knowing what others have told me, that she's at peace and no longer in pain is a comfort on so many levels.
We learn something everyday. I learned that even though I'm going to change the course of life going forward in regards to leaving the presence of those I love on happy terms... I cannot be upset with the past and what I cannot change.
I'm sad for those that did not get a chance to know her as she was an amazing, genuine and strong woman. I'm happy to be able to cheerish the memories I have of her. I do not remember our exact last words together but what I do remember is hugging her and that makes me smile. That is friendship, that is love. ♥
Tonight I light a candle for Laurel ♥
With all my love,