Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 days of Photos!

"Holy cow  and/or crap" would be anyone's reaction when someone says.. "Guess what? I'm going to take a picture everyday!" Well, I am super stoked for this project. I had read about this months ago on a few blogs. I told myself that is definitely something to start the 1st day of the year. Since I love pictures and my camera is fully charged everyday, this should be no big thang!

I believe the true project is taking a picture of yourself each day doing something. I am going to change it up just a wee bit. Since I don't think everyone wants to see my face everyday, haha.. I'm going to take a photo of something that relates to that day in some way.

Let me shimmy back to yesterday and what one of the highlights of my day was. On New Year's Eve I took one of my empty canvas' and wrote 2011. I was hoping that everyone who would be gracing us with their beautiful faces that night would all sign the canvas. Well, they did and yesterday Charlie and I enjoyed first thing in the morning reading what everyone had wrote. I'm going to hang it up in the basement and look forward to finding the perfect little spot.
Photo #1

Today I made an executive decision of staying inside and vegging out. I ate tostido chips with salsa, stayed in my PJs, watched Law & Order SVU marathon on TV.. which is still on at 5:00PM ET! Also, Charlie made me a delicious cup of Dark Hot Cocoa. I added the whip cream with the idea that I could make a heart shape. The whipped cream has a mind of it's own and just spread out immediately once it hit the hot and yummy beverage!
 Photo #2

I'm pretty sure that this will be a simple project that I've decided to take on. Since I take pictures all the time the toughest part will be choosing what I would like to post :)

Love you all and thanks for being YOU!