Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thanks from Peanut!

Happy Saturday to all you ever so lovely friends ♥

First off, I as well Peanut were both so taken back by all of the Birthday loving. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave the sweet comments. It truly means a lot. He had a fabulous 1st Birthday. He had his buddy, Brewsky who is an English Bulldog come over and play. Peanut was a little possessive of his new presents but they worked it out. Peanut got cookies & toys from his aunts and uncles who came to join in on the celebration. When the puppies got pooped out the rest of us just indulged in wine and went snow tubing in my backyard. It was such a great night! ♥

Peanut giving kisses to his Dad before he left for work.  (notice how they have matching shirts, haha)
 Peanut having no idea that people are coming over to see him ;)
 Peanut and his buddy, Brewsky!
 Opening gifts

Love, Peanut & Katie