Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Words really make a difference..

I just finished watching my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother. It's a sitcom; however, not like others (in me lovely opinion, aye). Every episode I learn something new. The cast reminds me so much of my friends and I. There's nothing that I don't like about the show, let's just say. The episode that aired last night was about 'Last Words' and it hit me so hard as I sat on my couch in tears, sniffling and wiping my eyes. This specific episode was my inspiration for my thoughts in this post.

I try my hardest to live by that quote 'Never go to sleep angry'. I never want words or actions of anger to be the last thing I'm remembered by or remembering someone else bye. I've definitely had my share of bad endings with friends and/or love interests in my youth in which I'm still learning from. The episode touched specifically on the very last words that someone says to you. It's something that I"m sure we've all heard in discussion that just flew in one ear and out the other.

So take a moment and think of someone who is really close to you. Do you remember the last thing you said to them? Does that make you happy or sad? Maybe you were on the phone and just wanted to get off quickly that you made up an excuse and the conversation ended quickly. We all do that, I'm guilty of that as I"m not a big phone person. Perhaps, that's someone you may want to call and let them know you appreciate them. Just ask how they're doing. We have small fights with people and then find ourselves realizing in the big scheme of things how minute and meaningless the fight was. Is it really worth letting time go bye being angry or nervous to apologize? Sometimes it takes a while to realize that it's not, but once you do it's okay to be the first to reach out your hand or the first to say I'm sorry.

I'm going to move forward in life making sure that when I walk away or before I hang up the phone my words to them are filled with love and positivity. Even if it's a simple goodbye with a big ole' smile I think that's amazing.. taking that effort to acknowledge that other person. So I hope before you go to sleep tonight you're not angry or sad. If you are I hope even more that it's something easily fixed with a phone call, a hug, kiss or a sweet 'I Love You.'

I received this from my bff back in December. She's always making me smile but I keep this one saved because sometimes we go time without seeing each other and I can look at this as a reminder of our friendship. ♥

I love you all ;)