Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I really love stopping bye This Kind of Love on Wednesdays because of the feature that Jamie has. She lists items that she's just loving specifically about that day. I did it last week and I'm going to try to join in every Wednesday as there's some much to love about our days. I hope you'll stop bye and visit her ♥

Here's what I'm absolutely loving about this day!

I'm loving that Peanut will be turning 1 yr this Friday and I planned a little Birthday Party for him. (He has no idea) ♥

I'm loving that I found a bag in my closet with bracelets that I can't even remember when I bought them. I know they were on clearance because of the price tag. They sparkling, dangle and are so vintage!

I'm loving these super cute magnetic paper clips that my Dad had got me. He always gets really unique gifts. I have something to clip my post its on, hey now! I love them and him!

I'm loving that I'm being adventurous going out on a 'work night' to see a movie. 'Black Swan' with one of my girlies. I can't wait - 8:45pm showing... ooh how daring! Maybe I'll even get some popcorn... yes! 
PS. I'm not going to lie.. the picture scares me a little.

I'm loving that I didn't wear any eye shadow today. I felt a little nekked but free and not so overdone. It's refreshing with minimal makeup on. I wish I could keep from putting any of it on... someday!

I'm loving that Charlie was able to spend his day off hiking with some of our closest buddies. Because of his work schedule his 'weekend' is in the middle of the week when everyone else has to work. He had such a blast and that makes me so happy! (This picture is not from his hike today but the same place ♥)

I'm loving how inspiring all of you are to me that I have met here. All of the comments make my day and I try really hard to make rounds to everyone's page each day as well and leave a little love. So thank you all for being so wonderful, for teaching me, for your advice and constant positivity and fun posts. It's something at the top of my list that I look forward to each day ♥

With love,