Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Today is the second Love Story and I would like to thank Ashley for taking the time to share with all of us.. She is incredibly sweet and I'm in awe over her fun love story! Enjoy and be sure to stop bye to visit her and as always spread the love!

Ashley: Eisy Morgan:Inspiration for the Multifaceted Woman
After years of waiting for "Mr. Right" and literally searching the world, hoping to bump into him, I returned home from 3 years in Northern Ireland. After returning I started volunteering for my youth group as a new youth pastor came in. A few months passed and a new volunteer showed up. Little did I know that this guy would be my future husband. I didn't think much of him to begin with, but soon everyone began suggesting him to me and me to him. Neither of us saw it happening, and I was not interested in being pushed into a "set-up". As he watched me, however, and we hung out in groups he grew more and more interested and started to act accordingly. I was still indifferent, I wanted him to make the move or else I wasn't going to be bothered with him.

 Soon he began to make it very obvious that he was interested to everyone of our friends, all of them but me.  The only way I knew if anything could happen between us was if he asked me out and we got to know each other, but I wanted to be chased! One day we were all hanging out and I decided to play a joke on him while also hopefully helping the situation along, at least a little. I found his phone on the ground when he was outside and reprogrammed my name in his phone as "God" (not to be too sacrilegious, just as a joke). The next day I thought and thought about what fun or funny thing I could text him from "God" and finally I decided on "If you are looking for a sign, you can take this as one." Thinking I was so clever and waiting for the flirting to begin, I instead never received a reply. He thought somehow it was spam???

 Finally his roommates figured out it was my number and he text me, and flirting began which led to our first date. Our first conversation was him explaining to me why he had fallen for me and all the things he had watched about me that he had admired. I knew that if this was going to be right, it was going to go fast. We were both ready and not about playing games anymore with each other. Boy, was I right. We got together a week later, engaged four months after, and married 4 more months after that! What a whirlwind, but it was all so wonderful and completely worth the wait. We always say "You are everything I never knew I always wanted" and it is so true. He is so good for me in so many ways, but my favorite thing is how much we laugh. Love and laughter, what can be better?

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