Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Today you can also find me over at the oh so lovely Eisy Morgan's Blog! She started this wonderful feature called Blogging 101. It shares with you a variety of bloggers and their thoughts, tips, advice on Blogging. Today Love is Everywhere has been featured. Check it out along with all the other past and future totally amazing Bloggers!
- My new job calls for all black clothing attire. I didn't realize how much black I lacked in my wardrobe so I had to go out and buy a few little thangs. I'm so excited at how quickly I picked things out and I was off. My first day on the job I wore one of the outfits I bought.. just to come home and realize there was a hole in the butt. Yep, that really did happen.
- Not having a costume and I'm attending a Halloween Party in 2 days. Sending out a SOS...Ideas? Help! Pretty please :)
- Taking pictures on my deck... in the rain... with Charlie's sweet ESPN umbrella.. and having trouble closing it. I'm pretty sure it's bad luck to have an umbrella open in the house. Does it make matters worse if it's black?
- I was so excited when Charlie pulled two bags of Goldfish Crackers out of the cabinet and stood with them smiling. My eyes grew big as those are my favorite and I asked where did those come from? He then replied "you bought them, remember?"... They were out dated... and no good to eat at that point. In the garbage they went. [insert sad face]

- This weekend one of my besties is having a Halloween party. I haven't been to one in years. I'm psyched to dance, sing and enjoy a fun night with some people dressed up in craziness. (Still haven't found a costume.. oops)
- Trying to grow my own Photography business here in Connecticut on the side and I feel it's going in a great direction. 
- Going on a date with my little brother who I haven't seen in what feels like forever. He recently got his driver's license so he's picking me up!
- I got my new camera this past weekend and I'm in love with it. It's a Canon 60D and I'll definitely put together a future post and share the photos, quality and all that good stuff. Oh, am I in love. 
- Yesterday I went and bought this fabulous couch cover that is meant for pets, which a family member recommended. It's waterproof and actually looks pretty on our sofa. No more Peanut dribble, drool or anything on our couch again! Take that little, messy, cute dog.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

C and I went to the same learning institution. I was on my 4th Grade and he was on his 1st year in High School which makes him three years older than me. It was when I knew that he exists.

Under no circumstances that we had bumped into each other. We didn't have common friends, so we were never mutually introduced. Our age gap was most likely the main reason: older students don't befriend younger students. His name became familiar because of his combed down hairstyle and most of my friends got a crush on him, while he knew me as an honor student who excelled in almost anything and everything. In short, we coexisted without caring about the being of the other person.

It was in 2002 (or 2003) when C's family migrated to Illinois. There, he met the girl he married and had a child with. Unfortunately, they had to divorce due to some irreconcilable differences. He also worked there as a Phlebotomist.

On the other side of the world, I finished high school and was able to get to my 1st year in college. However, I met a guy whom I also had a child with. We separated because of the guy's infidelity and my family's disapproval on their relationship. 

We became Facebook friends during the summer months of 2010. We normally comment on each other's status in Facebook, and I used to call him 'kuya' , a term used to address older guys, to show a bit of respect. But, it was around the end of October 2010 when we finally gotten ourselves into a conversation. I posted an expressive status in which he commented with some comforting words. With that, I sent him a private message of gratitude.

We easily established a connection, and started talking to each other nonstop. On the 4th of November 2010, he started calling me from the United States two to five hours a day everyday. We both get out of our way to spend time chatting and talking on the phone because of our thirteen-hours time zone difference. In less than a week's time, we finally decided to try a relationship. Then on the 8th of November 2010, without courting or any formal inquisition, we were officially boyfriend-and-girlfriend. It all happened over the phone. 

Even if we lived miles away, we made sure we get in touch whenever it's possible. We barely even sleep.

He was the first one who declared his affection. I was at first in denial. But as time passed, I suddenly felt the feeling I thought I'd never bear again... LOVE.

Alright... Enough of the Third Person Story. :)

It was at first difficult for me to be in a long distance relationship. I was crying almost everytime we get on Skype because all I can do was look at him, watch him move, and hear him whisper sweet things through the computer speaker. It's like it's almost unreal. He never failed to make me feel loved though.

He never get tired of sending me sweet messages, and calling me everytime he can. He did his best to conquer the time difference by waiting for me to go home after work and get on the computer. He also got auto-updates of my Facebook on his cellphone. He even called in sick at work just to be online with me on my 21st birthday, as his birthday gift, a dozen of red and white roses, came two days after.

The waiting was over when he came back to the Philippines on the wee hours of the13th of December 2010. It was my first time to go to the airport on my own. I was so afraid he won't see me due to the number of people waiting for the arrival of the other passengers. But, he did. He saw me. T'was one of the happiest days of my life.

We spent his first week in the country together day and night. We tried to accomplish everything we wanted to do when he was still abroad; play in the rain, walk in the beach, eat street foods, etc. Our families were happy to see us in each others' arms. We can't be any happier. 

He started taking up Physical Therapy last June - the primary reason why he came back to the Philippines. 

I know it looks like we just started a fairy tale relationship, but "real life" has already  settled in. Things didn't remain as perfect as it was eleven months ago. We've got struggles and issues we face day by day. We argue. We fight. But, the best part is, we don't let go. We hold tight to our promises that we won't let go and we will remain honest to each other.  

We're a few weeks away from celebrating our 1st year anniversary! Please wish us more years together... and if possible, a lifetime beside each other.

There's still a long road ahead of us. Too early to say we'd end up together. But, it's one hell of a memory. Something I would wanna keep forever. 
This is our love story. The story of two people who met again after eight years... to fall in love, to trust their hearts for the 2nd time, and to prove that a broken heart fades away.

All stories will be archived here. We would love to read your story so if you would like to share please visit for details ♥:

Wordless Wednesday.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We Like To Embarrass Our Kids.

Last year was Peanut's first Halloween. I was so excited to get a costume and dress him up. He absolutely hated loved it. Can't you tell? It was the perfect costume for his personality. So, you could imagine my happiness yesterday when I put this on him and it still fits. Guess what Peanut will be dressed as for the second Halloween in a row?

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2011


Monday, October 24, 2011

Sponsor Love & A Winner!

I would like to send a big Congratulations to very lovely Andi from Striving to Be a More Godly Woman for winning the most recent Giveaway from Love is Photography
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Throw Some Leaves and Watch Them Fall.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, Funday, Brotherly Love.

Nevan (the handsome orange kitty) was minding his own business in our bay window. Along came Peanut (the cute & mischievous pup) who wanted to hang out. This is the play by the play of a typical encounter with these two brothers. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things to be Happy about.

Throughout the week there's always little things that make me smile. Really, they are always the littlest things that may not have an exact value but they have meaning.. a purpose. There's so much that makes us happy, that we overlook. Taking the time to think about a few.. or a lot I put a list together to share with you. What are some things that make you happy? ♥

Driving by the house you grew up in.
Confetti cupcakes.
Hotel soaps, shampoos & conditioners.
Sitting on the deck at night with a sweatshirt.
An empty parking space very close to the door.
Reflections from stained glass.
Receiving a beautiful thank you card out of the blue.
Finding something you thought was lost.
Secondhand compliments.
Sweatpants with drawstrings.
Not doing everything at once.
Clean, freshly polished hardwood floors.
The feeling of towel dried hair.
Flavored honey sticks.
Making a perfect tray of ice cubes.
Cute quotes from Dove Chocolates.
Great conversation with someone you bump into.
The perfect temperature in the shower.
Getting the bullseye on a dartboard.
Goldfish crackers.
Genuine friend who keeps your secrets.
Writing with a new pen.
Stepping in puddles with flip flips after a rainstorm.
Soft circle scarves.


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Sharing a Love Story ♥

I was in my third and final year of University, having decided that I was going to make the most of the short time I had left, I joined a campus based NGO called Galela Amanzi (which means 'pour the water' in one of South Africa's many languages). Galela Amanzi had been voted the Campus project for the year, and was aimed at setting up water tanks to collect rainfall for the local townships (or poorer, rural area's). So here was the epitome of a CityGirl, shiny earrings, nail polish that matched my scarf, and my makeup perfectly done, all ready and eager to get involved in something meaningful. And there he was, all unshaven, barefoot, plaid wearing Farm like, ready to make the world a better place. Just a few photo's to help you set the scene:
One friday evening, after a long meeting about how we were going to manage to get funding for our next water tank, it was time for the committee to get ready and set up for the fundraiser we were having the next day. It just so happened that Dale and I were the only two available to make the t-shirst needed for the boerie roll (a South African take on the American hot dog) sale. I had no worries about going over to Dale's place, I did have a boyfriend at the time of nearly 5 years, and thought it would be absolutely fine to hang out with a rugged but all too intriguing (don't forget the barefoot part!) farm boy.

 Something happened that evening, something that I could not even begin to explain. Maybe it was listening to a young man open up about the huge part that God played in his life, or listening to tales of real farm life, or maybe it was just the intensity of hearing someone not afraid to speak their mind and being open about their faith that did it, I'm not sure. Having been brought up Catholic, having a Jewish Dad, not really ever being interested in going to church, and having gone through the disintegration of my parents marriage, something happened to me that evening. I realised that I was far too attracted to Dale to spend too much time with him while having a boyfriend, and I flew home that Sunday (2 days after making t-shirts) to do one of the hardest things imaginable, break up with my boyfriend. 

I flew back the following day and began a whirlwind of a romance with Dale. In the beginning nothing mattered, it was all butterlies and goosebumps. But slowly, reality hit when Dale had to fly to Botswana for a research assignment, and I was left in my small University town, all alone, to think about what the last few months had held. Had I jumped into this relationship too soon? Was I missing my ex? What did the future hold for Dale and myself? Did I need to be single to find out more about myself? Was I crazy? The only thing I never questioned, was whether I has made the right decision in ending things with my ex. Even though I missed him terribly in the beginning, our relationship had become one of friendship rather. With me feeling more like I was hanging out with my brother, than a boyfriend. I had peace about that decision, even if it was the only thing I had peace about at that stage.

A few months later I started going to Church with Dale, and my eyes and heart were opened to the wonders of a living God. A god who loves you and cherished his children no matter what. All the terrible things I had done had been forgiven, I was washed cleaned of all I had been, and I was finally excited for the future and what it held for me, and my relationship with Dale. 9 months into our relationship, and Dale and I decided to move to South Korea to teach English. What an adventure. Living in a foreign country, having to adjust to a completely different culture and way of life was made all the easier by having someone so special to share it with. The adventures in Cambodia and the Philippines, while managing to still find a good church to keep us grounded, was just a glimpse into life as a Foreigner in Korea. 
We touched back down on South African soil in March this year. Dale is working in a small town about 5 hours from my home city of Joannesburg. I am moving down there to be closer to him, so that we can focus on our future together. A future that involves milking cows and driving two hours to get to the nearest shopping centre. Will we manage? With God on our side, absolutely! 
All stories will be archived here. We would love to read your story so if you would like to share please visit for details ♥:

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Wordless Wednesday.

the perfect line


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Hey there lovelies! My name is Romantic Savy and my blog is Romance In A Glance. I'm a newlywed who happens to be a closet writer and I enjoy everything that is mushy, gushy in life. After planning my summer wedding I became slightly obsessed with all things wedding and bridal; and then learning about the everyday life of marriage as a wife made me even more interested in romance. So I took my new passions and combined them with my old passion for writing to create Romance!  I believe in the power of the little things that matter in life that many of us overlook. Make sure to stop by and follow along if you'd like and say hello. You'll read everything from dating advice and dating ideas to bridal advice and wedding ideas. Frequently I feature other brides and share their stories and their advice with you (any follower can do this!) and I have a new sassy and sexy feature, Guys 101. So if you like the mushy, gushy things in life, then I think you may love it over at my place! Hope to have you!

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Hi there, I’m Jamie from Awesomely-Awkward. I am a wife, a mother to a beautiful fur baby, a hard worker, and etsy shop owner, and a blogger. Let’s just say I wear many hats. I’m scatterbrained, love Reese’s peanut butter cups, have an obsession with jewelry (explains the Etsy shop), and am constantly talking to myself… or my cat. That’s me in a teeny tiny nutshell. I started my blog because I have so many awesome and even more awkward moments to share with everyone. Come join me will you… because sometimes life is awkward.

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♥ I LOVE my family, my kids are my everything! I am a work from home/ stay-at-home mom because I love being home with my kids. They are only young once, right?
♥ When I was younger, I would stay up all night redecorating and rearranging my bedroom, now I am an Interior Designer and 
I own and have been in business for 7 years.
♥ I love CLOTHES (always have) and in college I was the Head Designer for 3 annual Fashion Shows. I will have to post some pictures of all my sorority sisters in all my cowgirl outfits someday. I also went into Fashion Design and I started about 6 months ago because of my passion for fashion. In High School I was voted "Best Dressed"...Which was a very nice compliment - (Thank you classmates).
♥ I have always wished I was a little taller with longer legs, I am 5' 2" - So, to compensate, I love to wear HEELS, the trick is comfortable ones.
♥ I enjoy playing the Harp. I started playing in grade school and even though I don't play my harp as often, I do play for weddings and events every once and awhile. I try to make it a goal to sit down and play every Sunday, no matter what. I hope my girls will want to play it someday. It's easier to learn by knowing how to play the piano. 
My nickname in college was "Misdemeanor" - I will let your imagination wonder.

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♥ I'm relocating to Philadelphia for work in less than two weeks and I'm freakin' out! I hope to find another great set of bloggers to keep up the fun!
♥ I've inherited double bent pinkies from my grandfather. My father, brothers and nephews all have this crazy recessive gene.
♥ I'll drink almost anything out of mug. This is so well known with my friends and family that it is probably the most common gift or souveniere that I receive from them. I have quite the Starbucks mug collection. :)
♥ I may be the strangest person to pray for rain on Sundays. There's something about being able to lounge around on a rainy Sunday on the couch watching movies and eating soup {out of mugs, of course!}.
I'm pretty sure that Miss Katie and I are long lost buddies. We've only met once at a CT Bloggers' Meet Up with several of my colleagues and we were instant friends. I hope everyone gets to meet someone in the blogging community just like her!

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I have an odd love for office supply stores like Staples and could look around for hours!
I had a proper British accent until I was about 8 years old.
I love typing, I used to type papers for my younger sister because she didn't enjoy it, so, she would just hand write it and I would type it up...if I 
could get paid to type all day, I'd do it!
I eat the same thing for breakfast every single morning with a pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha latte every morning when I'm at home.
♥  I went through a Michael Damian obsession when I was a teenager and used to say if I had a boy one day I would name him Michael with a middle name Damian...however, that has changed! LOL!