Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Color of Rain.

I saw on one of those 'Good Morning' shows last week this couple that recently published a book. Their story was so heartfelt, it made me cry. Okay, everything makes me cry but this story was so unusual. It was something that only comes from a movie. The couple was interviewed about what they shared in common. Both of their spouses had passed away. The Husband stated that before his wife passed away, she told him to call her friend who had just lost her husband. Her friend had two boys and she was hoping that her Husband would reach out and perhaps be a role model in these boys lives. The Husband never met her friend, but had her so much about the family. 2 years later, they married and united their families. I think what hit me most of all during the interview was when the couple was asked about their spouses that are no longer here. They both smiled and said.. "We can still be in love with each other and still be in love with our spouses.". This story wasn't about moving on from a tragic event, but it was about embracing those two that passed away and moving on with their memories. Here is the book they wrote.