Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

C and I went to the same learning institution. I was on my 4th Grade and he was on his 1st year in High School which makes him three years older than me. It was when I knew that he exists.

Under no circumstances that we had bumped into each other. We didn't have common friends, so we were never mutually introduced. Our age gap was most likely the main reason: older students don't befriend younger students. His name became familiar because of his combed down hairstyle and most of my friends got a crush on him, while he knew me as an honor student who excelled in almost anything and everything. In short, we coexisted without caring about the being of the other person.

It was in 2002 (or 2003) when C's family migrated to Illinois. There, he met the girl he married and had a child with. Unfortunately, they had to divorce due to some irreconcilable differences. He also worked there as a Phlebotomist.

On the other side of the world, I finished high school and was able to get to my 1st year in college. However, I met a guy whom I also had a child with. We separated because of the guy's infidelity and my family's disapproval on their relationship. 

We became Facebook friends during the summer months of 2010. We normally comment on each other's status in Facebook, and I used to call him 'kuya' , a term used to address older guys, to show a bit of respect. But, it was around the end of October 2010 when we finally gotten ourselves into a conversation. I posted an expressive status in which he commented with some comforting words. With that, I sent him a private message of gratitude.

We easily established a connection, and started talking to each other nonstop. On the 4th of November 2010, he started calling me from the United States two to five hours a day everyday. We both get out of our way to spend time chatting and talking on the phone because of our thirteen-hours time zone difference. In less than a week's time, we finally decided to try a relationship. Then on the 8th of November 2010, without courting or any formal inquisition, we were officially boyfriend-and-girlfriend. It all happened over the phone. 

Even if we lived miles away, we made sure we get in touch whenever it's possible. We barely even sleep.

He was the first one who declared his affection. I was at first in denial. But as time passed, I suddenly felt the feeling I thought I'd never bear again... LOVE.

Alright... Enough of the Third Person Story. :)

It was at first difficult for me to be in a long distance relationship. I was crying almost everytime we get on Skype because all I can do was look at him, watch him move, and hear him whisper sweet things through the computer speaker. It's like it's almost unreal. He never failed to make me feel loved though.

He never get tired of sending me sweet messages, and calling me everytime he can. He did his best to conquer the time difference by waiting for me to go home after work and get on the computer. He also got auto-updates of my Facebook on his cellphone. He even called in sick at work just to be online with me on my 21st birthday, as his birthday gift, a dozen of red and white roses, came two days after.

The waiting was over when he came back to the Philippines on the wee hours of the13th of December 2010. It was my first time to go to the airport on my own. I was so afraid he won't see me due to the number of people waiting for the arrival of the other passengers. But, he did. He saw me. T'was one of the happiest days of my life.

We spent his first week in the country together day and night. We tried to accomplish everything we wanted to do when he was still abroad; play in the rain, walk in the beach, eat street foods, etc. Our families were happy to see us in each others' arms. We can't be any happier. 

He started taking up Physical Therapy last June - the primary reason why he came back to the Philippines. 

I know it looks like we just started a fairy tale relationship, but "real life" has already  settled in. Things didn't remain as perfect as it was eleven months ago. We've got struggles and issues we face day by day. We argue. We fight. But, the best part is, we don't let go. We hold tight to our promises that we won't let go and we will remain honest to each other.  

We're a few weeks away from celebrating our 1st year anniversary! Please wish us more years together... and if possible, a lifetime beside each other.

There's still a long road ahead of us. Too early to say we'd end up together. But, it's one hell of a memory. Something I would wanna keep forever. 
This is our love story. The story of two people who met again after eight years... to fall in love, to trust their hearts for the 2nd time, and to prove that a broken heart fades away.

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