Monday, February 27, 2012

Like An Open Book!

This was one of my happy moments from this weekend. It was a fabulous weekend all around though. I went to go see Wanderlust on Friday night with Charlie and two of our close buddies. Which I highly recommend if you're a huge fan of Paul Rudd like myself and want to laugh until your ribs hurt. It helps to be in company with others who feel the same way as you ♥ 

Saturday I spent the day cleaning, then resting and enjoying an evening out with my Cousins. I had plans to stay in Saturday, but I'm so glad I decided to hop in my car and meet my cousins. We had just a blast singing, dancing and enjoying one another's company. 

Sunday, I took family photos, 2 year old photos and headshots. It was a great feeling to be all better and behind the camera. Where I belong :) I enjoyed the family, which I met for the first time and I will be sharing their photos by the end of this week. You can take a peak here.

So the weekend came and went and now it's the start of a new week. I always feel so refreshed on Monday, making lists of things I want to accomplish, at times setting myself up for failure since I don't always cross everything off on that list (woops). However, the one thing I'm feeling good about and look forward to accomplishing is taking better care of myself. I say it over and over; however, being sick for 2 weeks straight and off and on since Christmas has been brutal. Definitely a rough obstacle to start off the year but I'm ready to kick my own butt. 

As I work on myself I'm also going to be more careful with trusting those around me. I find myself very easy at showing love, sharing love and immediately trusting everyone I meet. We think we know people because we spend time with them and then new choices change it all. There's people family and friends that I've felt I knew like an open book but come to find it's not like that at all. I hope to live a long life, but it must be a healthy one which requires me taking care of myself, my heart and mind.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Always Laugh When You're Sick.

This past week I've been working on feeling better. After going back to the Doctor and change of medications it was Strep that I had which spread to my ear and everywhere on the right side of my head. It's been so painful and I haven't had much energy to do anything. Especially write, sadly.  Today, Thursday is a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm finally beginning to feel better! 

With all of that the best part is that my babies can entertain me and make me laugh. Charlie gave Peanut a bath and even though he doesn't wear clothes all the time, he looks like a naked little dog when he first gets out of the bath.  One of the first things he does is look for Nevan (the cute orange kitty) and chase him. You can tell who dominates who?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Is a Life If We Can't Appreciate It?

Happy Thursday to all! I've been resting all week trying to rid myself of my first (and hopefully only) ear infection I'll ever get. I'm on antibiotics and all that jazz but the pain won't go away. It's a bit unbareable. If you've ever had one, how long does it last? It's Thursday and I've been in pain since Sunday. Oy vey! 

This week has been incredibly up and down all over. I've seen so many posts on the news and Facebook about Whitney Houston. Negative posts, it's just awful. That's why long ago I created this blog, because I couldn't bare to watch the news anymore. It was all negative. 

I wonder if there was ever a time the News let someone truly rest in peace. You know, without pulling up the demons from their past. I also wonder if there was ever a time where people thought before they posted such horrible things about people. Whether they're celebrities, victims of the news or people you know. In a way it's all bullying in my eyes. To speak such cruelty about someone they may or may not know. It kills me a little inside to see this part of the world that is true and exists. 

All's that I really want to say about it is that her music inspired me as a child to sing. Everything else that came after, her ups and downs in life we all go through. Perhaps, not exactly the same but we go through and of course our life isn't publicized like that. I hope that if those people saying such horrible things have someone in their life like that are going through hardships, don't treat them that way. I have lost people to drugs and alcohol. What I try to do is remember all the beauty they brought to my life and those around me. To let that shine and keep their memory alive. I give kudos to everyone out there that does the same. Otherwise, what is a life if we can't appreciate all that life did for us?

Monday, February 13, 2012

He Loves Me ♥

I am guilty as anyone else of seeing those men in the movies and saying I wish my boyfriend did that. But they're movies. They're going to make us crazy thinking that every man is capable of doing that, but are those things truly necessary? We tend to overlook all of the sweet things our significant others do for us. I've been thinking so much about all of the things that Charlie does for me that shows he loves me. He doesn't have to buy me flowers everyday, or sing from the rooftop (haha... which would be a little awkward).. He does things in his own way which I appreciate so much more. 

13 ways he shows he loves me...
  1. When I'm sick he takes care of me. Makes me soup, runs to the store to get whatever medicine is needed, tucks me in and lays with me.
  2. Makes sure that I drink something. I get dehydrated often so if we're out he'll approach me with a cold beverage that he knows I love.
  3. If we're walking on a main road, he is always sure to walk on the outside to protect me. There was an old story about long ago how men always walked on the outside to protect the women from water splashing up as cars passed by.
  4. Asks how my day is.
  5. Makes dinner and it's always something I love since I'm a wee bit picky with food.
  6. Always encourages me to spend time with friends. He loves to see me happy and enjoy a night out with my lady friends.
  7. Starts my car up in the morning on cold days. Cleans it off if it snows.
  8. Sends cute texts at random times.
  9. Brings home a pizza (my favorite food) when he knows I'm having a bad day to cheer me up.
  10. Is so good with the animals. He shows them affection just as much as I do. He loves our babies. [Oh, and he cleans the litter box]
  11. Is so sweet to all of my friends. Shows them respect and gives them a hug just as I would. I love that quality.
  12. Was so supportive when I decided to leave my old job and pursue my Photography. He's been so encouraging and makes me feel like I could do anything.
  13. Holds me in the ocean since I'm not a good swimmer.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dancing, Videos and True Love!

I sadly have not been able to dedicate as much time to my blog as I have since I began writing. I tried committing myself to a daily post, but some weeks are just so busy that it's impossible. I will however try to post at least twice a week. It's better to have lower expectations [haha]. 

I have two videos I wanted to share with you. The first is just pure humiliation of myself (I have not shame, lol). I fell in love with the Bruno Mars song, Runaway Baby and enjoy dancing to it. 

The second video is of a couple who I have the pleasure of knowing since High School. Both extremely talented, genuine, unique and truly in love. They possess such a beautiful relationship that people only dream of. They put this video together and entered a contest. I would truly LOVE if you'd watch it and if you do agree they should win, head over here and 'like' their picture to help them win!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poetry is Beauty

we can stand as one
and fight the storm ahead
a visible light would set my mind
at ease, let it shine through
please give me the strength

we can stand as one
and let love fill up the world
we can hold our ground
and never give up
please give me the strength

the soul is still around
with a peaceful mind we'll embrace it
we can stand as one
and not let sadness clutter our minds
we will find the strength