Monday, February 27, 2012

Like An Open Book!

This was one of my happy moments from this weekend. It was a fabulous weekend all around though. I went to go see Wanderlust on Friday night with Charlie and two of our close buddies. Which I highly recommend if you're a huge fan of Paul Rudd like myself and want to laugh until your ribs hurt. It helps to be in company with others who feel the same way as you ♥ 

Saturday I spent the day cleaning, then resting and enjoying an evening out with my Cousins. I had plans to stay in Saturday, but I'm so glad I decided to hop in my car and meet my cousins. We had just a blast singing, dancing and enjoying one another's company. 

Sunday, I took family photos, 2 year old photos and headshots. It was a great feeling to be all better and behind the camera. Where I belong :) I enjoyed the family, which I met for the first time and I will be sharing their photos by the end of this week. You can take a peak here.

So the weekend came and went and now it's the start of a new week. I always feel so refreshed on Monday, making lists of things I want to accomplish, at times setting myself up for failure since I don't always cross everything off on that list (woops). However, the one thing I'm feeling good about and look forward to accomplishing is taking better care of myself. I say it over and over; however, being sick for 2 weeks straight and off and on since Christmas has been brutal. Definitely a rough obstacle to start off the year but I'm ready to kick my own butt. 

As I work on myself I'm also going to be more careful with trusting those around me. I find myself very easy at showing love, sharing love and immediately trusting everyone I meet. We think we know people because we spend time with them and then new choices change it all. There's people family and friends that I've felt I knew like an open book but come to find it's not like that at all. I hope to live a long life, but it must be a healthy one which requires me taking care of myself, my heart and mind.