Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Is a Life If We Can't Appreciate It?

Happy Thursday to all! I've been resting all week trying to rid myself of my first (and hopefully only) ear infection I'll ever get. I'm on antibiotics and all that jazz but the pain won't go away. It's a bit unbareable. If you've ever had one, how long does it last? It's Thursday and I've been in pain since Sunday. Oy vey! 

This week has been incredibly up and down all over. I've seen so many posts on the news and Facebook about Whitney Houston. Negative posts, it's just awful. That's why long ago I created this blog, because I couldn't bare to watch the news anymore. It was all negative. 

I wonder if there was ever a time the News let someone truly rest in peace. You know, without pulling up the demons from their past. I also wonder if there was ever a time where people thought before they posted such horrible things about people. Whether they're celebrities, victims of the news or people you know. In a way it's all bullying in my eyes. To speak such cruelty about someone they may or may not know. It kills me a little inside to see this part of the world that is true and exists. 

All's that I really want to say about it is that her music inspired me as a child to sing. Everything else that came after, her ups and downs in life we all go through. Perhaps, not exactly the same but we go through and of course our life isn't publicized like that. I hope that if those people saying such horrible things have someone in their life like that are going through hardships, don't treat them that way. I have lost people to drugs and alcohol. What I try to do is remember all the beauty they brought to my life and those around me. To let that shine and keep their memory alive. I give kudos to everyone out there that does the same. Otherwise, what is a life if we can't appreciate all that life did for us?