Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It Just Takes a Feather

I believe that even if our lives are going great or things are looking up, there's always some underlining issue.. something perhaps small or big that is bothering us. A weight on our shoulders, or lingering above our heads that just takes a feather to drop upon the weight for it to come crashing down on us. 

I know this sounds negative, but I feel it's the truth. We all have something going on in those machines called brains that controls our whole lives. We could look at someone that seems so happy and that their life is perfect. We can pretend we're them and wish every night to finally get their life. But if our wish were to come true, we would then carry along whatever it was that was lingering in their life that the outside world had no idea about. 

Isn't that how life goes? That we try so hard to live our lives to the beat of our favorite song but then we're struggling with ourselves or something else effecting us from living to that awesome beat. No one around us may even know that we're struggling or battling with issues within ourselves or lives. It's not that others don't care, it's just because we are so consumed with work, bills, kids, family, friends and always in a different order each week. We focus on one thing or else too many things at once that we don't pay attention to the struggles we and others around us are facing.

I recently opened my eyes up to others around me. I feel so much guilt for not doing so sooner. I forget that just as I struggle with different parts of my life, so do others around me. I forgot to slow down, stop and find out how others are. I guess, seeing the smiles and hearing good things I don't think to dig deeper to question what their lingering weight is above their head or what keeps their shoulders pointing down. We miss our opening to put our hands under that weight above their head.. and then came a feather and rested itself which then caused all their struggles to come crashing down.

I tell you this so maybe you'll too open your eyes to others around you. And please, if you need someone to do the same for you.. be honest and reach out your hand. Sometimes we're blind.. not because we want to be but because we just forget. We need to be reminded once in a while that every single one of us living today, in the moment has something going on that may not be visible. Next time, when you're with a friend or a family member, someone you love or maybe a stranger you meet for the first time. Ask them.. what their troubles or struggles may be. You may not be able to fix it, but you can help by listening so they don't feel alone.

Sending love to all of you! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Car Ride Away

The greatest part of a relationship that I love is doing things together. I mean, that's what a relationship is right?

There's still so much snow on the ground. We thought perhaps a park close by to our home would have a walking path so we ventured out today with Peanut. We arrived at the park and the site was truly beautiful with snow covering the brick paths and a visible path around the pond; however, it was too deep to bring our little baby. Instead we let him run around the closed in dog park while we sat on the bench together and watched him. No one was there, but Peanut ran free and sniffed every foot around that place. It was nice seeing him feel so alive. It makes us feel good seeing him so happy, because we know we must be doing something right?

In all of our 12 years of being together, Charlie & I have gone on so many little day trips throughout our state and some miles into the surrounding states. It's something that we have loved to do together since day one. And believe me when I say we can really prove to others what opposites we are with so many other aspects of our lives, but the special day trips, just hopping in the car and taking off to nowhere is something I've held so close and loved about us. It's what we have in common, one of our very similar "likes". 

Even though today's little & very short lasting adventure wasn't very far, it was still an adventure that we did together and included our little man. It's something we share that helps to make our relationship whole. I believe every relationship needs something that you enjoy doing together. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peanut's Splash Time with Yorkie Splash!

Since we got Peanut the one thing we pride ourselves on is making sure that his hygiene is great all around because he's a little 9 lb baby and can't clean himself. I give him his haircuts because I want to make sure to emphasize his cute face whereas the one time we brought him to the dog groomer, they shaved his face down and we didn't recognize our little Peanut. Poor Peanut...

Charlie months back did some searching for the perfect shampoo & conditioner for Peanut. We've used so many but were never happy with the final results because his fur wasn't shiny or else it just didn't seem as soft as it probably should be. And then one day Charlie found this website called Yorkie Splash and Shine

Why we never tried to search for this Yorkie Splash ShampooYorkie Shine Conditioner meant specifically for his breed, I have no idea. Let me tell you that if you smell this set you'll want to wash your hair with this shampoo and conditioner! No lie. Peanut smells so good, and he's so soft for weeks to follow after giving him his bath. There was also a Yorkie Sheen Detangling Spray which we sprayed on him after his bath and periodically throughout the weeks to keep him smelling nice and to prevent knots. 

With all of the other shampoos we've tried his fur has never been this amazing. The best part of this product is that it's all natural. We don't like to put chemicals on Peanut that can hurt him and this is so wonderful on his skin and not irritating at all to him! He's a Yorkie which are known to have sensitive skin.. not anymore! That's always been important and number one to us when it comes to anything with his hygiene and health.

We love this and Peanut really approves! I just had to make a post to share this as Peanut is a big part of Love is Everywhere!  

You can visit Yorkie Splash & Shine: Facebook and Website and Twitter

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sitting in Windows

Today was one of those days that I didn't accomplish anything on my checklist only for the pure fact I didn't have one today. Instead, I had a slow start taking my time getting ready which is not the norm as we're always rushing in this house. I met one of my very close and longest friends for lunch with her little son who will be 1 year in a week. We had such a great time catching up on all aspects of our lives. It was beautiful, really beautiful. I left our lunch feeling so fulfilled knowing that we are caught up to date with each other's lives and that she's doing great. That feeling is better than clearing out a whole 'to do list' for one month! 

I came home and spent a little time this afternoon laying with some of our babies in the house. It's been so cold and even with our heat we try to not lose any by putting blankets over the windows, heavy blankets. Sure it's not that stylish but we're warm. The sun was out so I pulled the blankets back so our vampire babies could feel the sunlight coming in through the bay window. They loved it, mainly Minnie the tuxedo cat. She's the only girl out of the babies and sure takes ownership hogging the bay window. I sat watching her trying to figure out what she was thinking. I saw a bird fly by and knew she wanted to catch it, play with it and probably eat it? Then there was cars going by and her head went back and forth trying to catch up with them. I really don't think she knows what cars are. Did I mention our cats are indoors? I feel we deprive them, but with all of the wild animals in our back yard I prefer knowing they're all safe.

As I write this, I should be getting ready for a comedy show tonight. The Wayans are at the Comedy Club tonight. Shawn & Marlon! I am so excited that I'm trying to relax right now and take some deep breaths. Were you an In Living Color fan? If so, you appreciate seeing any of the Wayans family live! So I'm off and I hope to catch up on Love is Everywhere this weekend. Sending love your way!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Workout!

One thing I've never been that great on is consistency, which if you've read my previous posts I'm a 'change' fanatic so maybe that's why? I kind of give up easily too, perhaps that's a little flaw.. or maybe a big flaw. I always get these great and creative ideas and then I don't quite follow through with them. One thing that's been weighing on me is trying to get in shape for our Wedding. It's not a matter of losing weight, it's just about getting toned and perhaps a better diet? Again, good intentions but do I follow through?

I definitely lost a few days especially with this past storm when it came to my Awesome KT Workout Plan! But I still stay active in between and don't just sit on my butt (okay.. keep telling yourself that KT)... So what is my Awesome KT Working Plan?...

Well I took a bunch of different exercises that other people do and just mixed them up a little bit, because consistency bores me. Walking on the treadmill for even 1/2 hour straight bores me, even if I'm watching a TV show at the same time.

Basically, this is my routine:

  • Stretching - whatever works for you! I pulled out my old tennis stretches and it makes my body feel great.
  • Jumping Jacks - I use my phone to time myself and it pretty much averages a jumping jack per second. I normally will do about 90+ of them.
  • Crunches - Oh I love crunches because I'm not a sit-up girl what-so-ever! I do a little under 100 of these.
  • Treadmill - I break it up throughout my exercise. So for the first cycle about 10 minutes on 4.0. Also, I have 2 wimpy 2lb weights that I hold while walking because it's awkward to do nothing with your hands. 
  • Push-ups - I do baby push-ups.. you know where your knees touch the ground? I can only manage 12 at a time.
  • Jumping Jacks - Yes, these again! 90+ more baby!
  • Crunches - ... here they come again!
  • Treadmill.....don't forget the wimpy weights.....  Push-ups.... and then Treadmill again... and then I have 2 12lb weights that I use to try and gain a little arm muscle because I lack in that category.
As you can see my exercise plan looks confusing, but for me it's not. Sometimes, I still mix it and do things out of order but I love it.. I really do and somehow it motivates me. I guess that's what is most important right? Figure a plan out that is appealing to you and that you love. Most of all make yourself feel good and don't worry about what you look like doing it!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas!

I'm quite indecisive and since I'm not sure how long my hair will be by August, I've been scoping out many up-do hairstyles for the big day. Originally, plan was to have it down even though our Wedding is mid August and it most likely will be pretty hot (I'd like to think of it as luke warm). These are so beautiful and I love the little extras in the hair! Right now my favorite is the top left!

Reversing Change.

What I love about being able to make our own choices is how we can change things whenever we'd like. I love change. I think it's because I like the surprise of it all and how things will be different once you make the plunge. One of the changes that I can do about myself which I've taken advantage of since I was in Middle School was my hair. I must have colored, highlighted and cut my hair a trillion times (okay maybe a bit sarcastic).. but for those who know me are shaking their head in agreement. If you don't believe me take a look at this post from years back (click here). You'll see a variety of my hairstyles over the year and that's just a handful of them.

So why am I writing about my hair? Because I'm getting married in August and I've been growing my hair out this past year to have a big selection of pretty hairstyles. However, when January 1st came this year.. I decided I needed a change... and I chopped off more than half my hair. Now I love it, it's cute, but I want my long hair back already! Isn't that how it always works?!

If you have any tips on how I can make my hair grow faster, please share haha! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Fitness Pal

With the Wedding coming up in 8.... no 7... oh man.. 6 months.. I'm trying to get myself in shape. It's not a matter of losing weight, but more so I just want to feel healthier and get toned. My biggest problem isn't committing to exercising but what I eat. I tried for a while going on a diet but that didn't last too long because we're always so busy and eating whatever we can when we're on the run. I think you may be shaking your head and agreeing that if not now, there's been a time for you too where you just grab anything from your fridge, cabinets, the store or somewhere unhealthy because you have no time to manage your meals. 

My future sister-in-law showed me this killer app today and I can't help but share it with everyone I know! No matter what kind of smartphone you have, this app is available and the best part? It's free! You can track everything you eat each day in a little diary. You begin by putting in information about yourself, such as weight, height, age and then what your goal weight is. You  may want to stay the same weight but watch what you eat, lose weight or for some gain weight. 

What is this awesome app called? My Fitness Pal is the app that I have fallen in love with and I've completed my day one. Below is not my specific plan but screen shots of the app as you'll see the date is from 2010, haha. You can also keep track online if you prefer not to use your phone or don't have access to a smartphone. Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh Nemo!

Do you live in New England? Were you affected by the recent Blizzard of 2013? I like to call him Nemo but he's also known as Charlotte. I rather imagine a fish throwing all that snow on us then a spider, wouldn't you? So the snow came and what did we do? We had a fun time locked inside our home while the snow covered the ground like water splashing up on the shore. We even enjoyed our deck one night, sitting on the swing which had no cushions and our butts frozen. Our choice of beverages was a sweet red wine for me and Charlie had a no named bottle of beer. Peanut kept running outside that night but his little 9 lb body couldn't handle the chill. 

The next day as we stepped outside to see the damage and how much snow needed to be shoveled away Peanut pranced around and absolutely loved rolling in the snow. Eventually, he did tire out as you see below. I'd love to hear how all of you spent your time locked inside or even the time you spent in the snow!

We learn so much about ourselves in strenuous situations. Even though we weren't incredibly stressed, except for the snow and where to move it all,, we were survivors! It sounds silly but Charlie is amazing when it comes to surviving and I'm learning a lot from him. You have to always find the sun during a storm and it's there... and even though you can't see it right away you know it'll show it's face sooner than later.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Embrace Letting Go

Walking along the beach this past Sunday with my other half. I thought how Summer felt like yesterday and Winter still is in front of us. Pretty soon it'll be Summer again; however, it'll be a different summer. Not the same as the past. We will not have the same memories, but there will be new amazing ones. I let go of last summer to get ready for this past fall and now winter. I let go of Summer to embrace the change of the seasons.

It's so hard to let go. Don't you agree? The person who can stand before me and with no hesitation and say "it's so easy to let go".. I have so much respect but at the same time I have to ask, "how?" It's very difficult to let go. It's tough to separate your emotions and lock them away. That's what makes us human

As we grow our body changes. Okay, maybe I'm going too far back to Health Class.... So our body changes, then we have to get new clothes. With that our style changes and then our personality changes.. Or perhaps, vice versa. We now hang out with different friends who have the same interests and wear the same clothes. Either way, we're growing.. and letting go of what was before. Letting go of those clothes, music, foods. Then we continue to grow and the places we enjoyed going to, no longer interest us. We find new places and with new places are new faces, new bodies.. new friends.

We continue to grow.. because we're human and that's what we do. We now are working, and maybe jumping from job to job. Again, figuring out what we like as our interests and goals are changing like the weatherman's forecast. 

Ultimately, what my main thought of with letting go is how at several points in our lives because of our outlook on life and how we change ourselves.. we end up leaving people in those parts of our lives. We still have the memories but sadly there are people that meant a lot to us, that helped get us through those times but now we can continue our lives and embrace whoever meet and whatever we end up doing. 

Embrace life's changes ahead of you.. embrace letting go...