Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Workout!

One thing I've never been that great on is consistency, which if you've read my previous posts I'm a 'change' fanatic so maybe that's why? I kind of give up easily too, perhaps that's a little flaw.. or maybe a big flaw. I always get these great and creative ideas and then I don't quite follow through with them. One thing that's been weighing on me is trying to get in shape for our Wedding. It's not a matter of losing weight, it's just about getting toned and perhaps a better diet? Again, good intentions but do I follow through?

I definitely lost a few days especially with this past storm when it came to my Awesome KT Workout Plan! But I still stay active in between and don't just sit on my butt (okay.. keep telling yourself that KT)... So what is my Awesome KT Working Plan?...

Well I took a bunch of different exercises that other people do and just mixed them up a little bit, because consistency bores me. Walking on the treadmill for even 1/2 hour straight bores me, even if I'm watching a TV show at the same time.

Basically, this is my routine:

  • Stretching - whatever works for you! I pulled out my old tennis stretches and it makes my body feel great.
  • Jumping Jacks - I use my phone to time myself and it pretty much averages a jumping jack per second. I normally will do about 90+ of them.
  • Crunches - Oh I love crunches because I'm not a sit-up girl what-so-ever! I do a little under 100 of these.
  • Treadmill - I break it up throughout my exercise. So for the first cycle about 10 minutes on 4.0. Also, I have 2 wimpy 2lb weights that I hold while walking because it's awkward to do nothing with your hands. 
  • Push-ups - I do baby push-ups.. you know where your knees touch the ground? I can only manage 12 at a time.
  • Jumping Jacks - Yes, these again! 90+ more baby!
  • Crunches - ... here they come again!
  • Treadmill.....don't forget the wimpy weights.....  Push-ups.... and then Treadmill again... and then I have 2 12lb weights that I use to try and gain a little arm muscle because I lack in that category.
As you can see my exercise plan looks confusing, but for me it's not. Sometimes, I still mix it and do things out of order but I love it.. I really do and somehow it motivates me. I guess that's what is most important right? Figure a plan out that is appealing to you and that you love. Most of all make yourself feel good and don't worry about what you look like doing it!