Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh Nemo!

Do you live in New England? Were you affected by the recent Blizzard of 2013? I like to call him Nemo but he's also known as Charlotte. I rather imagine a fish throwing all that snow on us then a spider, wouldn't you? So the snow came and what did we do? We had a fun time locked inside our home while the snow covered the ground like water splashing up on the shore. We even enjoyed our deck one night, sitting on the swing which had no cushions and our butts frozen. Our choice of beverages was a sweet red wine for me and Charlie had a no named bottle of beer. Peanut kept running outside that night but his little 9 lb body couldn't handle the chill. 

The next day as we stepped outside to see the damage and how much snow needed to be shoveled away Peanut pranced around and absolutely loved rolling in the snow. Eventually, he did tire out as you see below. I'd love to hear how all of you spent your time locked inside or even the time you spent in the snow!

We learn so much about ourselves in strenuous situations. Even though we weren't incredibly stressed, except for the snow and where to move it all,, we were survivors! It sounds silly but Charlie is amazing when it comes to surviving and I'm learning a lot from him. You have to always find the sun during a storm and it's there... and even though you can't see it right away you know it'll show it's face sooner than later.