Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Car Ride Away

The greatest part of a relationship that I love is doing things together. I mean, that's what a relationship is right?

There's still so much snow on the ground. We thought perhaps a park close by to our home would have a walking path so we ventured out today with Peanut. We arrived at the park and the site was truly beautiful with snow covering the brick paths and a visible path around the pond; however, it was too deep to bring our little baby. Instead we let him run around the closed in dog park while we sat on the bench together and watched him. No one was there, but Peanut ran free and sniffed every foot around that place. It was nice seeing him feel so alive. It makes us feel good seeing him so happy, because we know we must be doing something right?

In all of our 12 years of being together, Charlie & I have gone on so many little day trips throughout our state and some miles into the surrounding states. It's something that we have loved to do together since day one. And believe me when I say we can really prove to others what opposites we are with so many other aspects of our lives, but the special day trips, just hopping in the car and taking off to nowhere is something I've held so close and loved about us. It's what we have in common, one of our very similar "likes". 

Even though today's little & very short lasting adventure wasn't very far, it was still an adventure that we did together and included our little man. It's something we share that helps to make our relationship whole. I believe every relationship needs something that you enjoy doing together.