Monday, February 13, 2012

He Loves Me ♥

I am guilty as anyone else of seeing those men in the movies and saying I wish my boyfriend did that. But they're movies. They're going to make us crazy thinking that every man is capable of doing that, but are those things truly necessary? We tend to overlook all of the sweet things our significant others do for us. I've been thinking so much about all of the things that Charlie does for me that shows he loves me. He doesn't have to buy me flowers everyday, or sing from the rooftop (haha... which would be a little awkward).. He does things in his own way which I appreciate so much more. 

13 ways he shows he loves me...
  1. When I'm sick he takes care of me. Makes me soup, runs to the store to get whatever medicine is needed, tucks me in and lays with me.
  2. Makes sure that I drink something. I get dehydrated often so if we're out he'll approach me with a cold beverage that he knows I love.
  3. If we're walking on a main road, he is always sure to walk on the outside to protect me. There was an old story about long ago how men always walked on the outside to protect the women from water splashing up as cars passed by.
  4. Asks how my day is.
  5. Makes dinner and it's always something I love since I'm a wee bit picky with food.
  6. Always encourages me to spend time with friends. He loves to see me happy and enjoy a night out with my lady friends.
  7. Starts my car up in the morning on cold days. Cleans it off if it snows.
  8. Sends cute texts at random times.
  9. Brings home a pizza (my favorite food) when he knows I'm having a bad day to cheer me up.
  10. Is so good with the animals. He shows them affection just as much as I do. He loves our babies. [Oh, and he cleans the litter box]
  11. Is so sweet to all of my friends. Shows them respect and gives them a hug just as I would. I love that quality.
  12. Was so supportive when I decided to leave my old job and pursue my Photography. He's been so encouraging and makes me feel like I could do anything.
  13. Holds me in the ocean since I'm not a good swimmer.