Wednesday, October 12, 2011

East Coast Love!

Hello everyone! I apologize for the missing Tuesday post. We arrived safely yesterday morning in good ole' New England. We stopped in Atlanta and switched planes. Both flights were great with a little stalling on the second during take off. I guess there was some sort of battery (I'm sure any battery is important on a plane) that wasn't working. We were praying that we wouldn't have get off and board another plane as we were all the way in the back. Huffing and puffing, what a long walk to get to that back of the plane, right? They fixed it. I'm here.

The moment I came home my heart beat so fast seeing little Peanut (our pup) peaking through the curtains in our front, bay window. I felt so much love when I let him out onto our deck and he ran circles around me, stopping to jump up and lick my face.. then continuing to run around like a maniac. The kitties cried. I 'awwed' thinking they missed me, but they were just hungry.

The time change is definitely hard to get used to. I've slept maybe a total of 5 hours since we came back yesterday morning. I'm quite antsy! So, I wanted to check in to tell you all that I'm back. I've already completed a few things on my new Weekly Challenge! Come back tomorrow, Thursday for Awkward & Awesome Thursday and another post. Yes 2 in one day! Woo hoo ♥