Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- My heel getting stuck trying to board the plane on my way to Cali. I didn't realize how fast pace it is boarding and what large lines form. The two men behind me almost rolled right over me when my heel got stuck. They laughed, I laughed.. but I know they weren't laughing with me..
- On our second flight back from San Diego we asked to have our seats next to each other. The woman was pleasant and since there was approximately 30 unassigned seats she said no problem. Our new seats ended up being at the back of the plane, 5 from the restroom. If you've ever been on a plane, before it takes off there's very little air blowing and it's quite warm. Add on two people bombing the bathroom. It was quite stinky and pretty unbareable. 
- A lady up the street was walking her dog and house to house she began bringing everyone's garbage barrel in. I watched her as she was bringing the cans down each neighbor's driveway, I noticed she was looking around, at their porches, house, grass, etc. She's quite a nosy little woman.. Our garbage can was the only one remaining by the road in each direction. 
- Sending a long text to a friend. Already sounding like a loony trying to tell a story. Just for the entire text to be sent to the wrong person. Which then made me sound loony to not only 1 person but 2.
- When you put cheap deodorant on. Enough said. ♥

- Being home to see those cute little furry, faces above! Minnie, is the youngest kitty. She'll follow you around and will go to you if you whistle(yes, just like Lassy). Nevan, is our first born. He's a quite unique cat and is the mama's baby who sleeps with us every night. Peanut, is our only puppy. My dream puppy that will lick your face and make you laugh even when you don't want to. They fill our house with so much love & happiness.
- I had an interview today at a Photography Studio and was hired on the spot. I'm really excited to start this new venture as photography is my passion. I'm me and feel alive when the camera is in my hands. 
- Glade candles are one of my favorite to freshen up a room. I finally just stocked up and got such lovely scents. Of course the regular Clean Linen, but then I was a bit spontaneous and purchased a Berry Blend and Hawaiian Breeze. Those candles remove any pet odor that your home collects. Believe you me!
- Charlie's taking me to Olive Garden to celebrate my new job. I'm one lucky chicky. Have I ever mentioned that's my favorite restaurant? Now I did! :)
- My longest friend, that I've known since I was 2 will be getting married on Saturday. I'm so excited to be there with him and his family. I even get to photograph the whole event. It's going to be a beautiful day!