Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

There's so much to share from San Diego today. 
Enjoy and isn't my bestie's baby, RJ the most adorable little man?

- Leaving a Lowes parking lot we got stuck immediately in traffic for a Chargers game. A man in the car beside us literally pulled an Austin Powers move and tried to rotate his vehicle by backing up and forward until he was facing the wrong direction. He then waited while cars moved out of the way for him to drive in the wrong direction to avoid the traffic. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't speak English?
- We were approached by a woman in a bright lime green shirt that let's say really emphasized her chest. She went by the name Nanna and showed us a few Jane Fonda moves while saying she'd love to babysit RJ. Sorry Nanna...
- On the highway there was a car speeding by us with what looked to be a teddy bear tied to his bumper, bouncing around on the gravel. I hope that wasn't a punishment to any kids in the car!
- There was a really cool man on a motorcycle. Totally pimped out, I mean him not the bike. He had a bright yellow windbreaker that was blown up like parachute due to the wind, nice shades and to top it off.. milk crate hooked to the back. That's how they ride in San Diego!
- An older woman held up our flight when taking off from Detroit. It had to do with unfinished paperwork as the flight attendant told everyone. When she finally boarded she made a huge scene and raised her hands and said, "It's my fault you're all still here. I'll apologize now instead of saying sorry to everyone individually." There was a younger lady with her which I assumed was her daughter. Her head was down as they walked all the way to the back of the plane.

- There are snails on the sides of the condos here in San Diego. Maybe not all of them, but where we are. How cool is that? I'm so tempted to go to the beach when I get home just to see how many I can collect and throw up on the side of my house!
- Seeing Palm Trees where ever we go. They aren't just decor for the parking lots and roadside.. they are in people's yards. I love that!
- Seeing little RJ ate cereal for the first time in his High Chair. It was a great moment to witness. He's such a cutie (as you can see in the photo above).
- Having fabulous flights to get to San Diego. Getting a choice of food on my second flight and it was actually quite a delicious chicken sandwich. Oh, and of course a yummy glass of wine (Merlot of you're wondering).
- Spending quality time with Alisha after so many months apart. We made chocolate covered apples, poured a glass of wine and talked all night until we were caught up with everything. Life is beautiful.