Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things to be Happy about.

Throughout the week there's always little things that make me smile. Really, they are always the littlest things that may not have an exact value but they have meaning.. a purpose. There's so much that makes us happy, that we overlook. Taking the time to think about a few.. or a lot I put a list together to share with you. What are some things that make you happy? ♥

Driving by the house you grew up in.
Confetti cupcakes.
Hotel soaps, shampoos & conditioners.
Sitting on the deck at night with a sweatshirt.
An empty parking space very close to the door.
Reflections from stained glass.
Receiving a beautiful thank you card out of the blue.
Finding something you thought was lost.
Secondhand compliments.
Sweatpants with drawstrings.
Not doing everything at once.
Clean, freshly polished hardwood floors.
The feeling of towel dried hair.
Flavored honey sticks.
Making a perfect tray of ice cubes.
Cute quotes from Dove Chocolates.
Great conversation with someone you bump into.
The perfect temperature in the shower.
Getting the bullseye on a dartboard.
Goldfish crackers.
Genuine friend who keeps your secrets.
Writing with a new pen.
Stepping in puddles with flip flips after a rainstorm.
Soft circle scarves.