Monday, October 10, 2011

My Challenge.

Tomorrow I return home to Charlie. 
I'm going to make a list.
I hope to accomplish the following:
*Make dinner for Charlie. (Have I ever mentioned that I'm a terrible cook?)
*Spend quality time with my babies (they're all animals).
*Reorganize some areas in my home that have been neglected.
*Go through clothes I no longer wear and donate to the Salvation Army.
*Dance to some new music.
*Pick out a color to paint our basement.
*Not stress about how long it will take to paint our basement.
*Go for a long walk.
*Learn new dance moves.
*Continue the Wednesday Wine Day with some of my favorite ladies. (Don't worry it's really at night)
*Color my hair back to its original color. (Dark Brown/Auburnish)
*Pick out an outfit that I already own to wear for one of my best friend's Wedding on Saturday. 
*Try to hug all the people I see.

So I'm challenging myself to finally complete a list. I must do it all in this week. It looks short but baby steps are good. I challenge you to make a list and try to complete it in one week ♥