Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowflakes on our noses..

Remember one of my best friends that I mentioned a few days ago that I wear everyday? Well today I was talking with a co-worker and of course I'm consistently using my hands to talk and the watch flew right off. It fell apart, it's done, bit the dust, long gone, no longer with us, vamoosh, see-ya-lata, adios my sweet friend. I would like to take a moment to thank my watch for all the good times...

Dear Watch: Thanks for always being there to kick me in the butt, keep me on my toes.. so that I'm always on time. Whenever I'm 'in the moment' you are too and I appreciate you for that. Sorry I let you get so beat and even more sorry that you flew off my wrist today after your screws came loose. Catch you on the flipside ;)

On a much brighter, colder and soft white note.. yes we have snow! Here is my continuation of 365 photos, oh how I just love snapping my camera to anything and everything!

Photo #7 Snowflakes and Peanut

Love you all! It's time for me to head out for a lovely date with two of my fabulous friends ♥ 

xoxo -Kate