Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everyone loves a Peanut ♥

Oh how time just flies on bye just like seasons keep changing on us right when we're feeling comfortable. I remember so much from my childhood and my memory is something I'm very proud of. There's a specific memory I wanted to touch base on since it's a special occasion tomorrow.

When I was young, hitting the double digits I had begged my parents for a puppy. I fell in love with the cute teddy bear faced Yorkshire Terriers. The name was already in my mind. I wanted a male and his name would be Peanut. My parents had good judgement though. Looking back now I would never had been able to take care of a dog with my crazy schedule back then.

I did however draw pictures of my room, floor plans where Peanut would sleep. I even would take out Yorkie books from the library to find out their size and see if my room would be big enough for him to live. It all seemed perfect. I wrote love letters to my parents with things I would give up in life just to have him (Yeah right!) I gave them the guilt trip each time they turned me down. I was so fresh ♥

Since Charlie and I have been together he knew my dream and we wanted to wait until we had a house. We moved into our home Halloween of 2009. Tuesday, April 13th of last year I talked Charlie into running to a local Pet Store that had puppies that you could take out. I just wanted to hold one, any puppy. No intention at all of getting one nor had I ever seen Yorkies there. To my surprise, immediately as we walked back I saw this face peeking through the glass back at me...

It was Love at First Sight

We left the store with no puppy, even though I did get to hold him. I was so sad. I felt depressed for the next two days. I was at work and it just hit me. That IS Peanut.. so I called Charlie and told him my plan. After work I would go to the Pet Store. If he's there.. it's meant to be.. if he's not.. then.. well .. he just better be there!

This was the first person Peanut got to meet. His grandpa (my dad)

We had no idea what we were in store for.. a loving and a licking maniac!

He brings so much happiness in our lives. The cutest thing you want to see when you walk into the house. He's whimpering wagging his nub tail and tongue fully out ready to give kisses. He's our baby boy and he's turning 1 yr tomorrow! ♥

Happy Birthday Peanut. We Love you so much!

 ♥ ♥ ♥