Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's shake things up!

It's Saturday night and what are you doing? I just finished going through ALL of my pants and jeans.. weeding out what no longer fits or are just collecting closet dust. It was fun and embarrassing even though no one was watching except for the animals. I'll discuss that outcome in another post ;)

A month ago I was introduced to such a yummy Martini. Now let me just say I'm pretty new to drinking Martinis. Meaning before a month ago I never even tried one before! I'm not big on 'booze'. I enjoy my Malibu (Rum) with Pineapple Juice, my beverage of choice if we happen to go out or a cooled glass of wine. I wanted to share this Martini with you because when I made it on Christmas Eve, almost every one of my relatives tried it and had the same reaction. They each leaned back and said ,'.. wow that is really good' or '..mmm.. I like it.. can you make me one?' So here it is, a new love of mine.. the Purple Gecko:

Quick & Simple Ingredients: Raspberry Flavoring, Cranberry Flavoring & any vodka. I'm sure you can use actual juices too! All together they cost less than $20!

After it's all shookin' up pour it in a cute glass, see above the fabulous glass (Thanks Chili's restaurant). Then find a comfty seat somewhere and enjoy ♥

If it's not too late to run out and get some munchies and the ingredients.. I promise you won't regret it! If you have tried this or get crazy and make it please let me know what you think! Happy Saturday night!

With love,