Thursday, January 6, 2011

What do you love?

Today at work sitting at my desk I developed a terrible headache. I'm still getting over that virus I had a week ago and a little bit congested still. I turned my overhead light off and staring at my monitor I just was wishing the headache would go away. Man, did it hurt! Unfortunately, there's no moment at work to just 'be' and sit there in silence. There's constant chatter and people working which requires noise of the computers, phones, and voices of course. The vent in the ceiling above me just seemed to get louder by the second. The more I thought about the throbbing of my head.. the more things I started blaming for causing it. It's funny how we do that!

I went to a meeting which I was looking forward to thinking moving around could do me some good. Away from my monitor and the fluorescent lights on my desk is healthy even if it's just an hour. I returned to my desk after the hour passed to find an envelope laying on my keyboard. Looking around I said out loud (yes I am always talking to myself).. "Someone left me a love note?".. I smiled even though no one could see me. I sat down and pulled out the card. It was from my best friend at work, Lisa and it was a Thank You card for being me and such a great friend. I walked over to see her and give her a hug, she couldn't even imagine what perfect timing that was. We give each other hugs everyday and it never gets old. She told me that she got the card because I'm always there for her and she wanted me to know it's appreciated. Oh how I love her so. Do you know.. my headache went away? :)

So I decided for my photos today I would take pictures of a few things I love, the little unappreciated items that really get me through some rough times......
 Photo #6 ... What do you Love?

 I put up little notes everywhere. The best though is when Charlie adds comments.. ;)

The words of Dave Matthews always help make sense of situations for me..

 What would I do without my favorites boots? It sure would be hard getting around places.

Can't forget my heels and skinny jeans. They make for a comfortable night out of dancing, always!

Have I mentioned before that I just adore stripes? This shirt is one of my favorites because it has 3 great qualities. Stripes, comfortable & green!

Oh.. and the wine? I never tried this specific kind but can I just say... I LOVE me some delicious wine!

My daily drinks.. Raspberry Iced Tea.. I do not lie when I say I bring 2 of these cans to work with me.

What do YOU love? ♥

Love you all,