Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Today I'm proud to post the 8th Love Story received! This story is being told by the lovely, Chastity who truly follows the words.. 'love life'. I know you will be in awe over her story. It truly defines that saying of 'if things are meant to be then they'll be..' Spread the love! ♥

The Story of Us

Where do I begin? I guess you could say that our Love story started in High School. We just didn’t know it back then. J.J. and I went to the same high school and graduated together. I was in a high school class where most everyone was friendly with each other. There weren’t strongly defined clichés or groups. You may have a core group of friends, but most generally we all attended the same events or get-togethers and intermingled among each other. I was a somewhat social bug who was out with friends quite often and had a set of loose rules at home. He had two parents who were both teachers and kept a keen eye on him with a stronger set of rules at home. We were friendly classmates who back then had little in common.

Fast forward 15 years….

I have two children and am newly divorced. I have just begun dating here and there. Nothing too serious! I am out with girlfriends celebrating a birthday. He and I start talking…catching up a little bit. His birthday is coming up and a group of our classmates are getting together to celebrate over the weekend. He asks me to join them. I would love to see the others too so I say sure and we exchange phone numbers. Now I was married to the man that I dated in High School so as an adult I didn’t date other people. I was a little naive on the rules of dating. I at the time didn’t realize he was asking me on a date. I just thought it was a group invite to catch up with classmates. Well needless to say I didn’t go and he felt like I stood him up. Oops!

Fast forward 3 months….

We cross paths again. I apologize…once he told me I stood him up. Naïve, I know!  We begin getting to know each other and spending time together. I at this point am still unsure about dating anyone exclusively because I was enjoying my life as a single woman and mom. But…I realized that good, honest, sweet, men do not just come along all the time. A few weeks into our relationship we were at a wedding reception and he said to me “You know that we have something special here, right?” and I couldn’t deny it. We did!

Fast forward 3 years…

We still do have something special! I cannot begin to say how lucky we are to have each other. We are different in many ways, but still have so many of the important things in common. He likes sports…I like art. He’s more extroverted…I’m more introverted. He is an only child…I am the oldest of 5. He has no children…I have two. He is kind…I am kind. He needs quiet nights at home…I need quiet nights at home. He loves to take care of me…I love to take care of him.

When we run into former classmates from our high school they are often surprised to see that we are a couple, but almost always say how it is great to have two good people together. I would have to agree!

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