Monday, January 3, 2011

Share your Love Stories ♥

I'm going to be doing a guest post in a few days on one of my lovely friend, Donna's pages. I'll be sure to let you know when I do. I've been seeing so much of these guest posts and it seems to wonderful. It's nice to see what life others can bring onto our blogs that we spend everyday writing out our thoughts. I enjoy hearing love stories and how people met their significant others. When I meet my friend's parents a common question I ask is how they met. Oh, I love LOVE, can't you tell?

So my challenge... is for you to tell the story of how you and your love met or special Love Story in general that you would like to share. I'm unsure yet which days I will post the love stories but I ask that if you are interested feel free to send me an email with your story. Please include the following information:

*Your name (blog name) of course. 
*Website as well any other links facebook/twitter, etc. 
*A picture that goes along with your story, only if you're comfortable doing so.
*.. and of course your story. ♥

I am very excited for this journey and to hear these love stories as well learn more about all of you. Thank you so much!

I even made a new cute button for this special, fun project! Please see the new page at the top titled Love Stories which you can find all the information about this project!