Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lovely, Inspiring and I'm in awe!

Is there someone in your life that truly inspires you? Someone that your heart clings to and you look forward to what they have to say? I have quite a few of those kind of people in my life who hold a special place. It's great to be able to hug them and spend time with them, vent to and laugh with. 

When I started blogging I learned a whole new world of what inspiring people there are out there. I can still sit next to them but I cannot hear their voices. Instead I can read their thoughts so to speak. These friends that I've made here have really touched my life in so many ways. I'm not a Mom but I've learned so much from so many of you on what a great mother is. I'm not a wife by title but I've been with my boyfriend for almost a decade now and you who have been married and raised families have given me so much advice even though you are not directly speaking to me. I enjoy seeing all of your photos from babies in the snow to huge celebrations, home decor and yummy desserts. You are all so unique and beautiful and each one of you inspire me in different ways.

I am in awe over a beautiful award that was created by 1ne Proud Mama. She is so very caring, always has such fun filled photos to share and she's become my friend in this amazing world of blogging that I was just writing about. Thank you so much for this award and I am passing this on to make someone else's day like you just did mine! XOXO!

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3 Beautiful Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me:

If you enjoy photography and smiling then her blog will do the trick. All of her photos are so bright and full of pure love & happiness. I always enjoy what she has to share!

 She is with a doubt simply amazing. Her posts make me laugh, think and leave me antsy to read what she will write about next. She always has such positive compliments about what others write too.

This is quite the unique blog. If you are a dog lover then I will promise you that this is someone you should be a friend of. She makes me want to love my dog anymore if that's even possible!!