Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Thank you Hannah for sharing this story! I can't even count how many times I've read it over. It's beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I know you will all enjoy it and be sure to visit her. Spread the love!

Hannah: Survivin' on Coffee & Dreams

Summer camp counselors are pretty good about making weekend plans.  When you only have 36 hours a week to yourself, you do everything in your power to maximize your use of that time.  The campers had departed, the cabins were cleaned, and the staff members were all getting ready for the time off.  We had plans.  We had places to be and people to see, and we were all looking forward to the time off.  I, Hannah, had received flowers from my boyfriend... he, Ben, had dinner plans with his girlfriend, but that all changed when the glass vase from my floral arrangement slid between my fingers and shattered... on my foot.  Love had other plans in mind...

Ben doubled as a firefighter and EMT--the perfect knight in shining armor in a crisis.  He picked me up, swung me easily over his shoulder and whisked me away in his chariot, a Volkswagon Cabriolet, to the nearest emergency department.  In fairytales, the princess is never bleeding and the castle is never full of doctors and x-rays; regardless, if I could go back and change it all... I wouldn't. For us, it was the perfect excuse to talk.  Even though we had been coworkers for about a month and a half, our first real conversation didn't occur until that fateful day in room 4.  He missed dinner with his girlfriend that night... like I said, love had other plans.

Four weeks later he surprised me with a Claddagh ring.  A few weeks after that he started wearing one too.  Who could have guessed that in a few years those two bands would be melted together to become one--his wedding band.

In the quiet moments of my life, the phrase that echos most clearly in my mind are the soft words whispered to me that summer from my now husband.  I loved you from the moment I picked you up, and I will love you even after they lay me down.
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