Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's okay to be completely Random!

Hello everyone! I have so much to say but the majority of my thoughts are unrelated to each other.. so I'll do a bit of a breakdown.. KT Style!

Random Thought #1:  I truly apologize for not posting the Hug&Love Thursday Hop! I think the snow clouded my mind yesterday (my excuse). I will however downsize to 1 Blog Hop a week. Since I love both of them I will alternate each week so definitely swing bye on Mondays & Thursdays ♥

Random Thought #2: My fabulous cousin made her special Buffalo Chicken Dip and put together a bowl for me. She dropped it on my back deck sitting in the snow to stay chilled. One of my besties and I pigged out on bowls of chips and dip (perfection). Hopefully I can ask my oh so lovely cousin to post the recipe on here someday. If you could only see the drool on my face thinking about it, you would know it's so delicious! She made my day complete.

Random Thought #3: Tomorrow is Friday and the first 7 words that come to mind is 'Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Oh!' ->Nothing planned, I'm just super stoked that tomorrow begins my 3 day weekend!

Random Thought #4: My bff and I went to a Japanese restaurant a few nights ago to try something new. We've both been there; however, not together. So that's something new #1. Then I had Endamame which I've never eaten before.. new #2.. My bff tried the Tuna Rolls that I got.. that's new#3. It was a fabulous night to catch up, laugh and try something new together! ♥  Did I mention that when they brought my plate out there was a cherry on it? How did they know cherries are my absolute favorites?

Random Thought #5: I hope that you are all loving the Love Stories just as much as I am. I can't believe the amount of feedback there has been. Well I can because these women are truly amazing! Every story is unique and wonderful. I will be posting another one this evening! There are many more following so be sure to keep checking back ♥

Random Thought #6: I'm ready to let go a little so all the jeans that are sitting up in my closet on shelves I'll be going through. Even though I know there are some too small to fit me I will try each pair on. There are old pairs again.. that are too small to even get up my leg and I keep them there thinking I will lose weight. I realize if I do lose anymore weight I will be sick and that's not good. So I'm finally OK with letting go of them. I may even do a fun post on it this week. I think it'll be good for me and perhaps it'll help other people out too!

This was my favorite pair that ripped a while back and they're no longer RIP baby blues

I love you all - sending fabulous thoughts your way! ♥