Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shine on..

Do you remember as a child being hypnotized by the sparkle and shine of beautiful jewelry? Did you ever ask your mom if you could try on her ring or put layers of necklaces on? Perhaps, while wearing some cute ballet shoes and slapping on their red lipstick? Well, I sure did. My favorite was visiting both of my grandmothers and sitting there playing with all of the pretty valuables in their dusty jewelry boxes. I say dusty because for them there were just certain pieces they never wore.

I have to admit that I too have fallen into that category. On my dresser is of course a very disorganized chest that has some necklaces hanging and others with knots in the chains. Shiny bracelets if I ever took them out and polished them and lovely collection of faux rings. How awful and neglected they are! In the open lies my beat up watch, beautiful ring that I received on Charlie & I 3rd anniversary and an irish locket that I wear. Everyday when I'm rushing out the door I am in search of my three best friends. I feel naked if they're not on me. Might I add that I've worn a watch since I could tell time in kindergarten; however, at that time it was a very clean white banded watch with Minnie Mouse that my mom had to punch holes in just to fit around my scrawny wrist.

Photo #4 (my 3 best friends)

A perfect Christmas gift from my sister Kelly. Yes the same sister who bought me my new favorite Audrey shirt. These will now be added to my group of best friends.

Love you all to pieces!

PS: Be sure to join in tomorrow as I will be sharing with you the first Love Story from a wonderful friend!

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