Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

I would like to thank the very, lovely Linda for sharing her beautiful story with us. Also, the pictures she had sent me that you will be seeing below gave me happy goosebumps! This is so beautiful and what I consider true love. Stop bye to visit her and as always spread the love! ♥

A friend and I were going somewhere and she had to stop at a friend's house for some reason, I don't remember what. I do remember the handsome man that was there. I said to my friend on the way home, "Does he have a girlfriend?" She said, "Oh, no, he doesn't." I said I thought he was handsome. My girlfriend was interested in his brother. My husband had 8 brothers and sisters. 

Anyway, I saw him at a University mixer and we talked and then he called me the following week for a date. We dated from then on. He was drafted 10 months later for the Vietnam War. We were married in Texas before he left for Nam. I was 19 and he was 24. We have been married ever since, not that we haven't had our rough spots...  While he was in Vietnam we celebrated our first anniversary. 

He sent me a silver heart charm which was inscribed on the back, "First of Many". I thought that was not romantic enough but it has proved to be very true. We've been married for 44 years.

This picture is of Richard and myself at our reception. We were married in Texas at Fort Hood before Richard left for Vietnam. Then when we came home my parents gave us a reception so that is us before cutting the wedding cake.  
The next picture is a clipping from the local newspaper about soldiers meeting their families in Hawaii. I flew to Hawaii to meet Richard halfway through his tour of duty.  The Army flew him to Hawaii for a 5 day R & R (rest and relaxation). So we had a week together in the middle of the year that he was in Vietnam.
 The next two pictures are of Richard in Saigon. They were allowed to go there once in a while.

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