Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sending Air High Fives on this lovely Saturday!

I wanted to give some Air High Fives to a few beautiful people that I adore here with my reasons as to why♥

 I will be starting something life changing in just a few days. I was inspired by the ever so beautiful, Angie at Living Aloha. It is called 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. I told myself that I would begin fresh at the beginning of February and so I will. I've been really excited as I have been following Angie with each gift that she gives and they are all so beautiful. Each day I have been putting little notes in my sweet tiny pad I put together out of scrap paper as to some ideas. It's going to be wonderful! Thank you Angie for sharing your gifts with all of us and being such a genuine soul! ♥

Some more good news. In a few weeks my blog will look quite beautiful and madeover as Lindsay at Scenic Glory is going to be taking on the challenge of a new Blog Design for me. She's truly remarkable to work with, open to ideas and since she's extremely creative I'm pretty pumped. We all need change and I'm leaving it all in her hands. She has already done so many people designs to other fellow bloggers and I fell in love with each one! Thanks Lindsay for helping make Love is Everywhere even more beautiful for all to see! ♥


I have to give 2 Air High Fives to For the Love of Blogs. They have created this unique community where all of us can inspire each other. Each day I visit there I find new friends, fall in love and learn something new. They have so many new up and coming features and are expanding in the most positive way. If you are not already a member be sure to visit them because your life will change ♥  Until this past week I did not know I was nominated on their Blog of the Month feature and it has made me so happy. To know people enjoy visiting Love is Everywhere. So I thank you FTLOB from the bottom of my heart for giving everyone this opportunity. You made my week ♥

With all my love,