Sunday, January 16, 2011

What do you love?

I had so much fun when I did my post What do you Love that I decided to do another one.

Today Charlie and I went on a little road trip with the limited time we had. He's now at work but boy do I just love being with him!

I wear makeup which is no surprise. Prime Time (Oil Control) by Bare Minerals is one of my most trusted friends. It's the primer that helps keep my face together every day!

I wanted candles for the windows this past Christmas; however, I knew the cats would knock them over. I found the perfect solution. Candles with suction cups! They do exist ;)

I love that Puffs tissues makes really cool decorative boxes that look cute in every room!

Bobby pins that not only keep your hair intact BUT they also match the colour of your hair!
That my hair is growing and I can do fun little styles with it.. that may have been a little more difficult when it was shorter.

My circle scarves! Have I mentioned these before? They're my new thing. Since I'm terrible at wrapping actual scarves I now have assorted colours of circle scarves. Buy one, you'll never go back!

My new little notebook I made to keep in my purse. This way when I have ideas throughout the day that I may want to blog about I can jot em' right down! Plus it's super cute ;)

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday evening! This is my 'Saturday Evening' so I am off shortly for some drinks with some lovely friends ♥

Love you all,