Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ooh lala, a guest post!

I was given an extraordinary opportunity to be a guest on Donna's page at Write Now Write Later while she is spending the week with her best friend. My post is up as well, you will be able to read the other lovely people who also contributed to guest posts on her page. You can read more posts on her other blog, Refusing to Age Gracefully where I was invited to guest post on the 9th!

A little peak at my post...."I love to observe everything around me, no matter where I am. Perhaps, it's to be safe with my surroundings or suppose I'm nosy? I've always been a dreamer in the car when I'm riding shotgun. Trying so hard to look at all the details as everything is passing bye so fast in the opposite direction in which I'm going....."

To read the rest please visit Donna's blog: http://djpr2001.blogspot.com/2011/01/it-was-always-there-guest-blog.html

Thank you and tomorrow I will be sharing a Love Story that I received from a very special someone ♥

Love you all and goodnight,