Monday, January 10, 2011

Be proud being you!

We're getting another snowstorm here in New England (woohoo!). It's headed our way and should be arriving this evening and it better stick around. Like most adults say, "I love snow, just not driving in it." That's true for me too, so I'm praying that our new Governor closes the state. One can dream..

Last night I went on a lovely movie date with my Mom and sister. I truly love being with the two most important women in my life. We saw Little Fockers! If you want to laugh and I mean out loud definitely go see it! Very rarely do I think a sequel never mind the 3rd one is better than the first. Just my opinion of course.

I did not post my Photos #9 & 10 so today I have a bit of catching up to do. Now I contemplated on something in this post which you will make it to shortly.. I've shared with very few and at one point I would have been too embarrassed. I'm not anymore since this is the only life I get and I shouldn't be afraid of criticism.

Years ago, well, truthfully it was 8 years ago Charlie played guitar while I sang a little. This is something we do pretty much on a daily basis even if it's not together but we don't always record our silliness. There's something about the sound of a guitar that's so pure and makes me feel at ease. I am content with not having the greatest singing voice but to have this little tune in a mp3 times capsule means the world to me... plus it's with the love of my life. I hope you enjoy our song and of course it's not the full version but it's something.. As always, it's okay to laugh. I don't mind.. and I'll never know ;)

Photo#9 - Charlie playing some DMB on his guitar. He's so talented.

 The Beatles (AKA Charlie & Katie) - In My Life

If that didn't make you smile then I have something to make up for it...

Photo#10 The cutest puppy on the block, Peanut!

With all my love,