Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Aloha to all my lovely friends! This week my emotions have been a bit scattered and today work just felt like one of 'those days.' I came home and was greeted by all the little babies.. the whole gang (Nevan, Minnie & Peanut). I sat down and then big chunks of snow began falling outside, it's beautiful. Moment to moment I started to feel back to myself again.. so here I am. Surprised that I forgot today was Wednesday and that one of my favorite hops was going on! I look forward to 'What I'm Loving Wednesday' every week. I simple adore Jamie at This Kind of Love for having this feature and dedicating herself to keeping it alive!

I'm loving that Charlie was offered the position this past week that he was interviewed for. He won't start for another month but we're extremely happy. For over a year now he's had such an awful schedule (but thankful he has a job). We are so limited with the time we have together and he's worked so hard. I love him so much and couldn't be more proud. He's the most intelligent man I know and he'll only keep moving up ♥

I'm loving that I received an email today from a fellow blogger Karen who will be hosting a fabulous Beat the Winter Blues party asking me to do a Guest Post which I'm very excited about. I was also asked to two other Guest Posts which I'm currently working on and will keep you all updated as to where and when. I feel very loved today and honored to be apart of this project! ♥


I'm loving that my love bug (not a common nickname for Charlie) left me a yummilicious Reese's Peanut Butter Cup on the counter. How did he know I had a long day and wanted to stuff my face with chocolate? He didn't, but boy do I love him!! ... and already one is missing from this packge! ♥

I'm loving footprints in the snow, especially those belonging to a furry little cutie-ba-tutie Yorkie! You hear in stories.. 'the little pitter patter of footsteps'.. well here are mine but they're outside, in the snow ♥

I'm loving that I was nominated for Blog of The Month and I can't believe I have votes. I expressed this in my post yesterday but there a list of other bloggers that have also been nominated and let me say how extraordinary all these women are. They are my favorite blogs to visit and have become such wonderful friends. I'm honored to be up there with them and I'm loving that! ♥

I'm loving the decor in our living room.. most specifically today the 3 cute signs above one of the couches. Whenever I look up I feel comforted by the messages..

With all my love,