Monday, January 3, 2011

Have I mentioned.. I'm Irish?

I truly love learning about people's heritage, their grandparents.. where they came from and what their names mean. I'm very proud to say that I'm Irish & French with a little sprinkle of German.

My sweet French side has given me:

My height 5'2". My Memere who was ever so cute & petite stood at a beautiful 4 ft 10-11 inches. I have naturally auburn hair which I've finally went back to after many years and years of highlight and colouring it blonde. I have her nose and spunk. I have tiny arms but I guarantee they are filled with some french strength!

My Memere is opening a gift that you can't see clearly but it's of an older couple sitting on a swing. My Aunt bought that for them. I used to play it all the time and when my Memere passed away it was given to me. It plays 'Through the Years'.

My lucky Irish side has given me:
Freckles.. freckles and more freckles! I have them on my arms, legs, chest, face and eyes. It's most definitely the truth. I really adore my green eyes that my grandfather had which some say his also had a bluish tint to them which I sadly do not have. Outgoing & friendly personality comes from my Papa. When I was a child I had no problem talking to strangers. I know, a parent's worst nightmare!

My Papa & I hanging out on our favorite swing. Charlie and I bought a swing for our deck this past summer, because it's just a lovely feeling of comfort for me.

As I mentioned there's a little sprinkle of German which was from my Mom's father. He passed away when she was young and unfortunately we have no connections to any of his family so there's a piece of history missing. Perhaps someday I'll figure out my German traits :)

Katie: Celtic/Gaelic - Pure, Clear.

Love you all very much!