Sunday, August 25, 2013

Has It Really Been 4 Months?

This is the part where I would place a really cute sad face. When I think of what makes me happy my blog was always my first thought; however, so much time went by, and with so much time that went by I felt so guilty. I can't believe how much I have neglected "Love is Everywhere". Life has been extremely crazy this past year and I have to put my excuse in that the last 4 months were extraordinarily crazy as those months lead up to our Wedding. 

Charlie & I got married on August 17th and it was the most beautiful, memorable, so filled with love day. A day we could never make again because it's a once in a lifetime experience for us and those we love and care for were there to celebrate. It was so amazing. So let me start off what I hope is a new beginning for "Love is Everywhere". There sure was Love Everywhere on August 17th!