About Me


I would first like to say how much I truly appreciate the time you've taken to read my blog.  

I have a very strong love for life. I'm addicted to living, plain and simple. I was born to love and to find love in everything around us day to day. 

I started blogging back in High School; however, it faded.. call it lack of motivation or just being lazy. Fall of 2010 I ventured back and haven't stopped since. My goal is to start a Love Movement. Actually, I believe it's already out there we just need to help each other to spread the word and see more of the beauty in the world.

As you will notice from my blog I take an enormous amount of photos. Photography is a huge part of my life as it's a different way to express myself, the rest I do here. I'm a very open & honest person, adventurous and welcome new friends. 

I love my family and have a wonderful husband, Charlie who means the world to me. He's mentioned quite frequently in my blog as we live together and have been together since 8/29/01. So you can only imagine our lives are one and what we go through has an extreme effect on one another.

Charlie and I finally tied the knot on August 17th, 2013. We will be expecting our first child, Autumn Lily in November 2014. 

Anything you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask/contact me, but I'm sure you can find pretty much everything out from all of my past posts. 

I love you all and Thank You for being You! ♥