KT Facts!

Here is a list of random facts about me. I'll continue to add to them so feel free to check back in your spare time!

1. My sister, cousin and I all have the same middle name, Ann
2. My favorite colour is green
3. My eyes are green and they have freckles
4. I don't drink coffee
5. I have been with my boyfriend Charlie since 8/29/01
6. I once bought a harmonica and tried to teach myself to play, I'm not good
7. I have two very loving parents
8. I once contemplated becoming a nun, it lasted 2 weeks
9. I lost 3 grandparents to cancer and was with them through it all
10. I've had 3 benign breast tumors removed
11. I can do the Running Man
12. I always lose a sock while I'm sleeping
13. I live with endometriosis and it's painful everyday
14. I'm petrified of spiders (ask anyone)
15. I am really scared of heights
16. I have always loved meeting new people and making friends
17. I feel I have an old soul
18. Forever 21 is my favorite store
19. I cut and colour my own hair, alot
20. I have struggled with my physical appearance for too long
21. I wear too much makeup
22. I have a cute tattoo of cherries that I got when I was 19 with my bff, Tracy
23. I want to get one more tattoo with my sister Kelly
24. I feel I can do some good in this world but I'm not sure where to start
25. I love pizza and never turn it down
26. Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant
27. Three of my best friends Lauren, Stacey & Matt I met when I was 2-4 yrs old and still friends with today
28. I always wear heels because I don't like being short
29. I'm 5'2"
30. I don't recycle and feel very guilty
31. I have never gone skinny dipping
32. I dance and sing with my cats and puppy and can tell they hate it
33. I overanalyze everything
34. I can be stubborn but admitt it and can say when it's my fault
35. I love goldfish crackers and can finish a bag in one sitting
36. Christmas is my favorite Holiday but is always the most stressful for me
37. I always rollerbladed when I was younger and was good at it
38. My Memere taught me how to crochet when I was little
39. I learned to play Setback when I was turning 6 yrs old
40. I don't eat very well meaning I don't eat as much as I should
41. I spend too much time on Facebook
42. I know how to play Chess
43. I used to dream of being a comedian on SNL
44. Back in HS a group of my best friends & I had Friday Night movie nights. I miss that
45. My first boyfriend was in 6th grade last 4 months. His name is Scott and he's to this day my Best Friend.
46. I love to wear hats and have a pretty big collection
47. I once got a fork in my face when I was 4, true story, ask me about it sometime
48. I had dinner with Willie Stargell when I was 5 yrs old. He came to our house and I asked if he was a real Pirate, he said yes.
49. My Papa gave me a cucumber we grew together for my 5th Birthday, to this day the greatest gift I ever got.
50. I have a scar on the top of my foot from an iron that fell on it, it was my fault.
51. I have a new favorite addiction, circle scarves because I don't know how to wrap a regular scarf properly.
52. I'm recently a non-nail biter and it's a great feeling.
53. I don't wear earrings anymore. When I first got my ears pierced the girl messed up so one side the earrings hang lower. I avoid the hastle.
54. I have a little cousin (6 ft tall), Timmy 10 yrs younger who I consider my brother.
55. I am a LEO (August baby)
56. I started to write poetry in 3rd grade and still have every book except for 2 that were stolen in 7th grade.
57. I once chased a thief with my car that mugged a woman, he sadly got away.
58.  I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon.
59. I drew a picture for my dentist of their office when I was in elementary. They kept it up for over a decade so everyone could see.. until they moved buildings and lost it.
60. On my right foot I have too webbed toes. It's really not weird looking, There are only 2 other relatives with this trait. I think it's pretty badass.
61. I'm a really bad swimmer and would most likely drown if I couldn't touch the bottom.
62. I could never hear well out of my right ear so at times I ask people to repeat what they say too often as well I watch TV with my face turned. The doctor's say it's something to do with my ear canal.
63. I fell off the wagon and I'm a nail biter again.. I know.. how terrible of me!
64. I rarely ever reread what I write so you'll definitely find spellings errors and incorrect punctuation marks.