Love Stories

I began this feature in early January 2011 and it had taken off beautifully. I had offered the option to any reader to share their Love Story in which I will post on my blog. I will continue this feature as I feel it's wonderful for everyone to see that love is still alive. This feature is open to anyone, whether you have a blog or not. If you are interested please email your story to including the following information:

♥ Your Name (Blog Name)
♥ Website as well any other links (ex: Facebook/Twitter)
♥ Pictures to go along with your story, only if you're comfortable sharing of course.
♥ Your Love Story.

They will be listed as posts and then I will also archive everything here so it'll be easy to go back and browse through the stories. Once I receive your story you will know in advance when it will be debut. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I love you all and thank you for sharing!


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