Monday, June 4, 2012

A Simple Hello!

I was at the grocery store yesterday gathering some last minute items for a Birthday cookout for Charlie. I couldn't decide which line to stand in as all of them were long. I realized I had less than 15 items so now it's between 2 registers.Which do I choose? They're both just as a long. I decided to go with the first one. 

I'm holding one of the carrying baskets and a bottle of soda in the other hand. My grip was loosening and I started panicking inside that I'd drop the bottle. Just in time the little old man in front of me pushed his items on the belt closer together and said, "Here, here dear... put that down... you shouldn't be carrying all of that.." I dropped the bottle on the belt and stretched out my arm. I laughed and thanked him. He smiled back to me. 

As I'm taking the very few heavy items out of the basket it's the little old man's turn. As he's handing his card to the cashier he says, "How are you doing today dear?" The girl grabs his card and with a quick response she said, "Fine." He looks back at me and raises his eyebrows a bit. I smiled. The little old man turns back to the cashier and said, "Smile sweetheart. It's a beautiful day to be alive." This made my day.