Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I've Learned From Her

Long ago we were little redheaded sisters running around. Whether we were running away from each other after a fight, or running after one another during a game of tag, or at times running alongside each other as we were on the same team in 'kick the can'. No matter where we were running too, how fast, or who else was with us we always found time to sit down with each other and talk. Because we're sisters.

We've been there for each other during some of the darkest, sad and also happiest moments in our lives. Injuries, heartaches, confusion, uncertainty, deaths, we were there. We were raised with great morals all thanks to two amazing and caring parents that always encouraged us and also made sure we knew when we did something wrong. They didn't make excuses for us for our faults, they taught us to learn, grow and move on.

I've learned from my sister the struggles and obstacles that life entails and that you can get through anything as long as you keep your mind open and ask for help. It's something we all are too scared to do and feel that only we can fix our own problems. That's not true, asking for help is key. 

I've learned from my sister the beauty in music. To look past the lyrics in a song and close your eyes to the role of each instrument and how they come together to create something so extraordinary. As she is so talented when it comes to music it was through her talent that I learned this.

I've learned from my sister that every sole is delicate. Every one around us may have secrets, things they're dealing with; however, they do not express those feelings. Someone who may seem angry or even extremely happy, may be hurting inside. That it could be anyone we come in contact with throughout the day, week or in a lifetime and that we can't assume that their external expressions and feelings is what is true and not to jump to conclusions or judge them based off of a few words. To learn about them, talk to them and just listen.

Most of all I've learned from my sister how to be a sister. How to love and know that family will always be there and that is something we just do... it's something we are. 

I love my sister Kelly.