Monday, February 8, 2016

Mommy Judging. True Story.

I think back to High School and how often kids were judging other kids. Whether or not we admit it we all judge in some form or another. We judge through our thoughts, gestures, words or sometimes by doing absolutely nothing at all. 

We're those parents that bring our child out after a snowstorm near waterfalls where it's icy. She loved it. True Story.

 We're those parents that have an extremely daring child that wants to somersault everywhere and anytime. She's nuts. She's crazy. We let her do her thing. She's fallen a lot. She's gotten bruises. She always gets back up. She loves it. True Story. 

I remember growing up feeling judged constantly mainly because in those days friends would let you know when someone was saying something about you. Right? Majority of the time at least. Sometimes you could just sense how someone felt about you, but others didn't want you to feel hurt. I also remember being told by adults that this will soon pass. We all grow up and all of a sudden become adults. When we become adults you no longer judge others? That's how I understood what happens. Boy was I ever more wrong. 

If anything it gets worse. As adults maybe we feel we've lived it? We know what's right and what's wrong. Of course everyone else is wrong. I think people try to be polite and say "no judging... but......." 

I bring this all up because since I became Mom I've never felt more judged in my entire life. I've received "advice" on things I should be doing or perhaps should not be doing as a Mom. I've also feel I've fallen into that category of judging. I ask myself what makes them better than me to look at how I'm parenting? Everyone talks about Mommy Wars and we need to end them, but it seems daily when I look through my Facebook feed or read others blogs on social media, it's never ending. This would become mighty long if I sat here sharing all of the posts I've seen of what parents should be doing (which I don't think I make the cut for). Here I am judging what they are sharing. It's this black hole... stay away... step away!

I'm trying to figure a way around this all. Maybe instead of judging we embrace our flaws or I should correct myself, what others feel are flaws? If I could go back to High School, I'd probably approach my bad hair choices ahead of time before others could critique me. Maybe my attire choices too? 

My question for you. How do you handle being/feeling judged? Not even just the actual words someone says to you, but what you see on Social Media that people share which may or may not be directed towards you but when you know you don't fall into that category, for myself.. I feel judged. Gosh, being a parent is hard. Teaching your children something you have no idea how to control or stop..

Shouldn't we all be in this together? Stepping back to teenage years, we were all in it together, right? Now as parents, as Moms we should be helping one another?