Friday, June 6, 2008

Putting the spring back into my step!

Selamat Malam! For those who do not know (I am one of them) that means evening in Indonesian. I haven't blogged in over 4 years so I decide let's make a new start.. a fresh start. I never know how to begin an entry, it always began with a quick HEL-LO (please make sure when you read hello you're adding the emphasis as Chandler Bing would raising the HEL to a higher pitch than the LO) it sounds way cooler. So the beginning of every entry will stay the same, but there is such a huge variety of greetings out there and I am choosing to learn them all. I may not be able to pronounce Selamat Malam but it's so unique!

So why am I writing yet again after all of these years? Why now, at this very moment.. tonight having an extremely terrible head ache that I can't take anything for? I have always wanted to and I will say right now my inspiration is Matthew Lardie, my longest friend :) His writing is amazing and I will never compare, but thank you Matt whether you know it or not for bringing this part of me out of me again!

The timing is perfect. I have my surgery next week and I'm shaking in my socks (I don't wear socks) but at this moment I have no boots on and have absolutely nothing else to be shaking in. Knots are in my stomach and I always felt writing was quite therapeutic. So back tracking, my headache.. my terrible, no good, disgusting, pounding headache. You MUST know the kind I'm talking about? I cannot take anything for, because 7 days prior to surgery you need to be off medications, something to do with blood, overbleeding perhaps dying who knows. I guess the reasons are legit, lol. I am looking forward to writing days after my surgery while I'm on my pain medications. We'll see what wonderful ideas pop into my head!

Currently in my life there are so many things going on, good.. bad.. but overall I can't complain. I do love life and everyone in it. I need to set new goals and the ones I've already made I need to get my butt going! I ask alot of questions when I write.. and as you read feel free to answer outloud. I will never here you, and it's okay.. just don't think I'm crazy for asking!

I will say this is a 'decent' jump back into the world of blogging. I wouldn't give myself a 9 nor an 8 out of 1-10, but it's okay. With all of my thoughts flowing.. there's more to come.

Catch you on the flipside loves!
Good night & love you all so much! KT