Sunday, October 5, 2008

Calling the Energizer Bunny

Bonsoir mi amigos! Haha.. a little spanish with a french twist there, what a beautiful combination.

So let me ask everyone where does your energy come from? What makes up your energy? How does your body not want to lay down after standing for 10 seconds? I've been researching for so long. It's amazing how I went from having insomnia for 3 yrs in High School and now constantly craving.. needing sleep. Perhaps it's catching up with me, maybe I'm making up for old times haha.

I neglect to take vitamins.. stopped exercising.. what's healthy food?.. my bed is becoming my best friend.. I slouch.. forget about picking up the pen I dropped.. SHAME ON ME!

I do know the answers or should I say underlining reasons for my consistent and everyday growing laziness.

Slouching plays such a huge part I really believe. Work with me here.. sit up straight for 10 seconds. Don't you feel so much more awake? It might be because your mind is trying to 'think' and control your back to hold your head up straight. Then slowly without knowing it your body just falls back into stinky, slouch mode! I think I might need to get a back brace, similar to Forrest Gump's leg braces. It worked for him!

Exercising.. oh god I could go on and on. 2 winters ago my lovely, beautiful cousin and I decided to join a gym. Sidenote: they are still taking payments out of my account because I haven't found the time to go down and cancel my membership. They are making money off someone who hasn't set foot in their gym in over a year. How insane is that? SHAME ON ME!> We went as much as we could but then slowly we lost the motivation. There are so many things I can do in my own home, but why is it so hard to start and when I do.. how come I give up? I think we all need to be beaten with a whip just enough so we get a schedule together and stick to it. Maybe I can build a robotic machine that can slap my butt in gear. I'll work on it and let you know once it's been patented.

Vitamins, a.k.a. enormous horse pills. I can't swallow those bad boys! I have enough trouble with motrin pills in which someone needs to be close bye so I can grab their hand during the process. Thank you to Charlie, Kelly, my parents for always giving me their hand when those times approached, lol. Chewables I had tried on many occasions, but I didn't get much of an affect. They are very important and I know they do play a very important role with the body growing and being energized. I just can't swallow them! For the love of God please make multivitamins as small as tic-tac.

Google->'How to increase your energy'-> I'm feeling lucky! Throughout my continuing research of this topic I've come across many intriguing suggestions. One that sticks in my mind is spend one day of the month in complete silence. Is this possible? I know when we're sick it's easy to do that by trapping yourself in the room all day. Do you think reading is allowed? I would really love to do this and I'm going to plan my schedule out so this can happen. I feel this would be a great idea for everyone. :)

I hope you all have had one fabulous weekend! I love you all very much -

Catch you on the flipside